rPi4+LE9.1.501 washed out colors during 4K HDR10+ play

  • as the title says, while playing some HEVC HDR10+ (based on MediaInfo data) the colors looked washed out (if I pause the movie, the fanart picture that pops up in the bottom left along with other controls has proper colors)

    I downloaded as a separate test a free 4K sample (1m of Elysium) that MediaInfo doesn't show as being HDR and that one plays fine

    the TV is an LG OLED E8, I tried both enabling or disabling the HDMI UHD deep colors from the TV settings, no improvement

    I've read in a separate thread a few others complained about similar (?) issues a few months ago but no complains recently so I'm hoping there's a fix to my issue

  • Hi,

    no fix yet. The RPI4(Hardware) supports HDR, but the Software(Kodi, libreelec) wont support it, atm. We all have to wait for a LE release based on a a 5.X Kernel.

    A Quick Solution is to buy a FTV Stick, sideload kodi and enjoy HDR Movies