Raspberry Pi 4b 4gb takes 15 seconds to launch any video file. Is this normal? Is 4gb useful for LE/Kodi?

  • Just installed the NOOBS version of LE/Kodi and got LE 9.1.501 and Pi4_18.4_Leia with Kodi 18.4. I find that no matter what the source (USB drive or network or Exodus Redux) pressing the OK button to play a video clip takes 13 to 30 seconds to actually launch the video. Long wait time.

    Could this be normal for this configuration? I have begun to wonder if the 4gb memory is a problem. All my other LE/Kodi devices launch a video in about 1 second and they are all 1-2 gb ram.

    Does LE actually make use of the additional ram in a beneficial way? What is the optimum ram for a RPi 4b LE/Kodi appliance?

    Has anyone else encountered this or other problems with the new RPi 4b 4gb running LE? Is there something I need to do to optimize this system?

  • Ezriderz,

    Welcome, I'm new myself, signed up to forum yesterday, got LE/Kodi and my RPi4b installed 4 days ago. It appears we have the same version of Pi 4b with 4GB ram.

    I'm sorry to hear that it takes so long to load your movies, when I click play, it's pretty instant the video starts to play.

    The only video source I have is connected to my NAS via NFS.

    how are you connecting to your network? hardwired or wifi? what protocol for your network (smb/cifs or nfs or other)?


  • I didn't even know NOOBs was a version of LE

    It is not. NOOBS is a standalone boot application for the Raspberry Pi, and LibreELEC has a installer version for that boot tool.

  • PROBLEM SOLVED, and it was me!

    I had created a backup of my userdata files and then copied them into my userdata folder on the RPi4b instead of having to re-install all my addons and gui configurations (I like Confluence over the current skin, etc). Apparently one of those files don't port well from LE 7/Kodi 17 to LE 8/Koid 18. I have no idea what it was doing for 15-20 seconds as it was launching a video, but when I did a LE Soft Reset, re connected to my wifi and network server, I found that it now loads and plays videos pretty much instantly.

    I feel better about the RPi4b w/4gb now, but I still wonder if 4gb is beneficial, or if it is a waste of hardware that does not get utilized by LE/Kodi.