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    Thank you, Iridium, I realized I was grasping at straws. The RPi4 is such an elegant box with so much in so little space that I'd love to make do what I want. I fear that eventually I will need to make my peace with Kodi v18 but it seems to have removed more that I liked than it added to Kodi. I still use Confluence so you can see where I'm at.

    I have a RPi1+ and RPi3b and a RPi4b. Only the latter will play 4K so it would depend on which TV I would be using it on. In 90% of my uses (hotel rooms, a friends house, etc) the RPi3b is very adequate. Even the old RPi1+ works for playing off a USB drive very nicely at 1080p.

    Thanks again for your advice. You guys here are the best :):!:

    Thank you, chewitt, once again. You have allowed me to understand why I cannot install Kodi 17 on LE 9.

    I have not explored other OS's for the Pi4 like CoreElec or even Raspian, since I've always gone to OpenElec or LibreElec to meet my Kodi needs. I wonder if there is any other route to Kodi v17.6 for a RPi4?

    Thank you, chewitt,

    I already found the confluence skin and installed it. But that does not solve my problem of video settings removed from Kodi 18.

    I don't need to roll back Libreelec to 8, so that might bypass hardware issues, don't you think? LE9 will still work on that hardware, but will it support Kodi 17.6? I cannot think why not since Kodi is so generic it runs on a vast plethora of hardware and OS's. Is there any real reason that LE9 won't support Kodi 17.6?

    My main question is how would I install Kodi 17.6 on a Pi4 over Kodi 18.4? Where would I put an install file, and configured for what? Can one update Kodi 17.3 to 17.6 without updating the underlying LibreElec 8.1? If so, how would that be done? :/ :?:

    I like the Pi4, but hate some of the features in Kodi 18; Specifically, I make frequent use of the video brightness and contrast settings for a specific film to tweak the video to my liking. Now that have removed that from the video settings for some reason. Is it possible to get Kodi 17.6 on a Pi4? I see in the LE builds for the Pi4 that only LE 9 is available, and that comes with Kodi 18. Is it possible to roll the Kodi back by installing an update that goes backwards, not forwards? 8)

    PROBLEM SOLVED, and it was me!

    I had created a backup of my userdata files and then copied them into my userdata folder on the RPi4b instead of having to re-install all my addons and gui configurations (I like Confluence over the current skin, etc). Apparently one of those files don't port well from LE 7/Kodi 17 to LE 8/Koid 18. I have no idea what it was doing for 15-20 seconds as it was launching a video, but when I did a LE Soft Reset, re connected to my wifi and network server, I found that it now loads and plays videos pretty much instantly.

    I feel better about the RPi4b w/4gb now, but I still wonder if 4gb is beneficial, or if it is a waste of hardware that does not get utilized by LE/Kodi.

    Just installed the NOOBS version of LE/Kodi and got LE 9.1.501 and Pi4_18.4_Leia with Kodi 18.4. I find that no matter what the source (USB drive or network or Exodus Redux) pressing the OK button to play a video clip takes 13 to 30 seconds to actually launch the video. Long wait time.

    Could this be normal for this configuration? I have begun to wonder if the 4gb memory is a problem. All my other LE/Kodi devices launch a video in about 1 second and they are all 1-2 gb ram.

    Does LE actually make use of the additional ram in a beneficial way? What is the optimum ram for a RPi 4b LE/Kodi appliance?

    Has anyone else encountered this or other problems with the new RPi 4b 4gb running LE? Is there something I need to do to optimize this system?

    Thanks, smp.

    I set it to "wait for network before starting Kodi" but when I click on one of my video sources it says, "operation not permitted" and after clicking OK, it says "Couldn't connect to network server". Same as before. Thanks for the tip, though. Might be helpful later.

    Same thing here. But another LE/Kodi droidbox (kodi 17.3/LE 8.0.1) does connect to the same server (corsair) but not my Minix (17.6/LE 8.2.5). This problem Minix U9H can connect to other pcs on the same network (both w7 & w10) but not to my corsair w10 server. I get "operation not permitted" and or "cannot connect to network server"

    I've tried connecting the Minix to the network via ether net wire and wifi. No change. The

    When I try to create a new source using the SMB source, and "browse for new share," it opens to WORKGROUP but clicking on that returns "invalid argument" which should not be.

    I wish I knew where I was holding my mouth wrong.

    I can ping the Minix IP addr from the corsair so there is a connection, but I cannot seem to go the other way.

    Any help would be wonderful.


    Hi Adrian,

    I did the factory reset from the recovery menu, then once kodi was running, I used Filezilla (any sftp client should work) to get into my .storage/.update folder. There I found the offending .tar file and renamed the .tar extension to .xxx so it would not be picked up as an update. Then I went into the LibreElec configuration app (program add-ons) and disabled auto update.

    vpeter provided a command that will remove that update tar file from the .update folder which is about the equivalent of renaming it as I did. Except I can still rename the tar if I ever want it again.

    I still don't know how that offending update got into my .update folder and what it is supposed to contain. It has "t8mini" and the number 9.0.1 in the title so it probably originated from Droix, but they have disclaimed any knowledge of it. Don't know what the 9.0.1 indicates, either. But it certainly seems to have a bug in the install script.

    I hope this helps.


    My droidbox t8-mini found a .tar file in the .update folder (I did not put it there, don't know if it was an auto-update or not) and began applying the update. It encountered an error and threw this error message:

    *** Error in check-update: mount_common: could not mount /storage/.update/system ***

    Now I cannot get past that update and error. How can I access the update folder to clear the offending tar file so I can reboot to LE and Kodi? I would hate to lose all my settings and add-ons by reinstalling a fresh LE/Kodi before being able to back up my settings and addons.

    Do you know how to get past this error when I cannot boot into LE to start SFTP?

    Thanks for any help you can give


    ukmark62, Thank you for pointing me to Mega for the LE image file. I found the device tree from Mega yesterday, but could not find any LE image files on the LE download page.

    It seems that the Minix U9-H has been abandoned as it does not appear as a device on this site, and all references to LE for that device seem to be redirected to discussion about CoreElec instead of LibreElec.

    I tried CoreElec and found it was so visually unstable with flickering images dupicated on the home screen. However, I was able to connect to my Windows 10 shared media drive with CE, and LE has failed to connect ever since I changed to Windows 10; I keep getting "Operation not Permitted" when I try to connect. But that was not enough for me to quit using CE and I returned to LE. Now, with the new version, perhaps it will connect to my W10 shares too. Fingers crossed.

    I have been trying to locate the img.gz file for the latest LE for my Minix U9-H but have only found the .LibreELEC-S912.arm- file. Where are the img files? The sd creator tool does not seem to work with tar files.

    I searched the downloads section for MINIX and got 0 results. What's the haps with LE and Minix U9-H?

    Please advise.


    We only have the 64bit Generic build for Intel-type boxes, so that would be the 8.2.3 Generic build. Paste the .tar file into the update folder and reboot. Do switch to the default Confluence skin first before upgrading, other skins may cause a problem when there is no Krypton-compatible version available.

    Thank you, Klojum, I did what you said and it booted right up and works much better than my old version. Even preserved most of my Kodi settings. I would not have known how to do it without your help. Mucho Mahalos :cool:

    With the current state of LE (regardless 8.x, 9.x) for S912 (H96Pro+), I do NOT see any benefits in running it on such box, in comparison to properly tuned Android 7.1.2 ROM.

    In fact - I've recently switched back to Android and it suits my needs perfectly fine.

    Just bare in mind - this is a special case (my case): H96Pro+ (S912)... ;)

    One big reason why I want LE, not Android, as my underlying OS is that Android denies rename/delete permission to my USB media drives. I only want a media appliance running KODI with full read/write permission to my media drive.