Pi3 slow boot - 10 second delays due to mmc0: timeout waiting for hardware interrupt

  • Hi all... Hope someone can help.

    I am running on a pi3 with a 3A psu, fitted inside an aluminium case that also acts as an heatsink. SD card is a 32Gb Samsung Evo Class 10.

    Once kodi is running it works fine for most of the time but the boot up is painfully slow..

    Here is the log file gathered from ssh into the box and running journalctl -b 0 --no-pager

    Log= http://ix.io/1wxd

    Here is a section of the log.... you will see a 10 second delay at the end as it waits and a mmc timeout occurs. Someone else reported a similar issue sometime back and they said they tried other sd cards with no effect. mmc0 Timeout waiting for hardware interrupt · Issue #2392 · raspberrypi/linux · GitHub

    No idea how to fix this.

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  • Have you tested LibreELEC when installed to a different SD card (different make/different model)?

    Do you get these same timeouts if you install Raspbian on to this 32GB Samsung EVO Class 10 SD card?

    This seems to be a fairly rare and difficult issue to resolve, judging by the comments on the github issue.

  • I need to buy another sd card but reading the comments on the link the other person tried a sandisk card with the same issue. I guess I should buy another card other than sandisk or samsung to try Raspbian so I don't trash my libreelect setup.

    in my log it shows what appears to be some data transfer at stages but always with the -- err 0 which I would hope to mean no errors encountered. The thread in the link seems to imply the kernel at fault/bug.

  • Update : I wiped the sd-card in question and did a fresh install of 9.1.501 and the boot is now fine. Previously I used 9.0.2 so not sure what has changed because the kernel is the same version. Just hope it does not slow down.

    Now another question.. Does the sd card naturally slow over time since they do not support trim.

  • SD cards can become very slow when almost full, but other than that I've not noticed any particular slow-down.

    Although 9.0.2 and 9.1.501 are based on the same 4.19.y kernel, there have been many bug fixes between 4.19.36 (used by 9.0.2) and 4.19.66 (9.1.501).

  • Does the sd card naturally slow over time since they do not support trim.

    Normally not. It's hard to say what really happens inside an SD card, because they at least have their own error correction code as part of the firmware. If you notice slowdowns again, scan for bad blocks or buy a new microSD.

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