MPEG-4 (Layer 2) videos stutter on RK3328 box

  • Hey, everyone.

    Great job on development of LE for Rockchip devices.

    I just have one problem which has been persistent from the first image I tested, which is that MPEG-4 (Layer 2) videos (so mainly older XviD/DiVX videos) stutter badly on my RK3328 Android box. It's like that on the official 9.2 Beta1 version as well as the latest nightly image.

    Now, one of the developers on this thread has managed to fix this issue with the last image he released back in May, but the playback of other video types is very bad compared to the official version or the latest nightlies.

    So I was wondering if you could somehow apply the good side of this image regarding MPEG-4 video playback while keeping everything else the same? :)

    Thank you.