Any gallery of skins/templates/themes for the TV channels list?

  • Hello, i never used LibreElec and i am looking for a DVB-T2 device (possibly something like Raspberry Pi4 with TV hat) + as i understand it, only viable option regarding TV software is LibreElec?

    Here i am wondering how the software visual interface for changing TV channels will look like. I have seen some screenshots on the search engine, but my question:

    Can i see somewhere the screenshots of various styles/themes/templates the TV channel list (channel guide, timeline) can have? I assume there is not only one interface/style?

    Before i start buying the device i want to be sure the software interface will be handy/easy to use and i can navigate it using my existing TV remote control (my LG TV is said to support HDMI-CEC).

    Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. :thumbup:

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