Pi4 Libreelec & TVHeadend tuning problems.

  • This week I've upgraded my libreelec setup from a Pi 2 to a Pi 4. Everything is working mostly ok apart from scanning channels in TVHeadend v4.2.

    Using a DVB-T tuner in my Pi2 and the mux list for madrid, 11 muxes are scanned successfully giving me 30 or so channels so it appears the mux settings, the aerial and cabling are ok. However, using the same DVB-T tuner in my Pi 4, only 2 muxes are scanned successfully. The rest appear as failed.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot further or what to change to get it working? I've tried both the USB3 and USB2 ports. I've tried to change some of the mux settings to auto but this hasn't worked. I've tried the various driver packs available in libreelec but this doesn't appear to help. so now I'm a bit stuck!