Allow update to version of Kodi within LE

  • Id like to be able to update the version of Kodi within the LE system. There have been bug fixes in recent Kodi versions that may resolve some stability issues I've been having lately.

    On x86/64, playback freezes while the audio buffer continues to play out until eventually the system locks up. I can still SSH in and systemctl reboot. Playback will always stay at the beginning of the file as if the last played position was not recorded to continue from.

    Don't mean to start a bug report here.

  • awiouy

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  • Unfortunately the version of Kodi is tied to the version of LE. So an upgrade of Kodi within LE is not possible. Most patches that are released are normally incorporated into the next release of LE.

    You could try a Milhouse nightly build Here which may or may not solve your problem, or more than likely cause other issues as nightlies, by nature of their build are usually unstable.