Please please please consider changing the default OS on the Creator

  • I love the actual LibreElectric app so far !

    HOWEVER, I just gave up on installing it after trying at least four times, using different ways - even an SD card.

    THEN I realised that the DEFAULT OS is 'Raspberry pi', NOT a standard PC ('Generic AMD INTEL NVIDIA').

    I'm a medium-level PC/phone user, and certainly not a novice.
    (For example, I run two versions of Windows on my PC, using dual boot)

    But I'm not an expert in LibreElectric.

    NOW USUALLY with software, the DEFAULT works for most people.

    So I just kept trying to install using the DEFAULT: which was Raspberry Pi, NOT a standard PC.
    (NOTE: I just assumed it used 'Raspberry Pi as some kind of 'base', and installed it).

    Are most LibreElectric users Raspberry Pi users?

    If so, I can totally understand that being the default.

    But for an ordinary user like me, that totally screwed me up.

    Because of my particular need, I gave up on LibreElectric and even instead tried to run a whole Windows 10 install from a USB stick as an alternative - which took ages.
    (The whole reason Im wanting to use LE is because my media PC in the loungeroom has a faulty drive and is now incredibly slow. I need an interim option to speed up playing dvds and videos).

    If Raspberry Pi is NOT the main thing most people use, is it possible to make the DEFAULT a standard PC (The 'Generic' Option), to avoid confusion?

    (Of course if you get SPONSORSHIP money from Raspberry Pi, I understand. )

    Or is it possible to put a WARNING somewhere - on the Creator or the download page?

    ("PC USER? Use GENERIC option!")

    (I know its pretty standard practice to abuse anyone online who says anything that even looks like a complaint. But please know I've been polite and I took the time to join this forum just for the purpose of saying this, because I believe it will help OTHERS. Thankfully I gave it one more go and worked out he problem.)

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  • Are most LibreElectric users Raspberry Pi users?

    I think this is very likely to be the case.

    Cetainly x86 platforms are not the majority use case, although they are preferred by some (myself included).

  • - It's Libreelec, not LibreElectric

    - Libreelec is an OS containing Kodi

    - If you have a Raspberry Pi, you choose the Raspberry Pi build

    - If you have a Generic PC, you choose the generic AMD, Intel build

    - While Raspberry Pi is very popular, it's not the "default" build for all types and makes of computers

    - SPONSORSHIP money from Raspberry Pi ? - that would be nice but NOPE ☺

    - You said you have a media PC with a faulty drive. Are you trying to install Libreelec on that ?

    - It would be helpful if you mentioned the make and model of the PC you are trying to install LE on.

    Sorry if my comment above sounded like abuse. I wasn't sure if your initial post was a joke or not

  • Is today April 1st ?

    * There is a default option that is selected when you run the CREATOR, and its Rasperry Pi (run the Windows version yourself and you can see this)

    * I was trying to install onto a USB stick running on a standard PC.
    That's because the HARD DRIVE of that PC is faulty and so my Win10 is tortuously slow.
    (I will get an SSD, when I can afford it. I'm a student)
    But the PC chip itself is fine
    So I wanted an OS I could use to watch tv/movies, without relying on a HD

    * Anyway, I am LOVING this app.

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  • Quote

    NOW USUALLY with software, the DEFAULT works for most people.

    This is true. 75% of our userbase has RPi2 hardware. This is why it defaults to Raspberry Pi.

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