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    SOLVED (with caveats)

    CAVEAT: I can't guarantee the security or permanency of this cos I'm no expert. I just saw someone mentioning this as a solution to a related problem.

    SUMMARY: change the browser agent used on the log-in page

    1. Right Click Anywhere in Webpage > Inspect
    2. Choose More Tools (top right 3 dots) > Network Conditions
    3. Uncheck Select Automatically Checkbox
    4. Choose One Among the Built-In User-Agents List: Chrome Android Tablet worked for me

    (Further info: How to Change User-Agents in Chrome, Edge, Safari & Firefox)

    As far as I know, this is a per-page setting.

    NOTE: I had already turned ON 'Less secure app access' in my Google Account under Security, but I don't know if this made any difference

    COMMENTARY: Since a mere change of browser recognition worked, I suspect this may be Google trying to exclude everything except authorised vanilla versions of Chrome in vanilla environments (i.e where they have utter control) - perhaps part of their new policy of global greed lol. Based on my recent experience of them (including forcing YT content-makers to accept ads, like it or not [source]) should change their old motto of "Don't Be Evil" to "Be as Evil as Possible" lol.

    Im putting this here in case someone else goes through what I did.

    [Applies at least to Generic.x86_64-9.1.002. SO FAR it seems to be working]

    This is how I restored my Kodi/LibreElec after:
    - (accidentally) resetting it such that it destroyed all my customisations and library
    - I tried to use the LibreElec (? I think) backup restore and it restored very little: no library, and apparently no addons (though this MAY have been because I didbn't do point 5 below!)

    Instead this worked:

    [NOTE: My Kodi is on a second PC, and the Kodi folders are shared on my network. This was either automatic or easy to do anyway]

    1. I reinstalled the basic Kodi system (9.1.002 in my case)

    2. I unzipped the backup file I'd made a month ago (the one that didn't do much using the standard restore)

    3. I copied all the folders and files in that folder to the fresh installation, replacing the existing ones, by:

    a) In Windows, navigating via the network to the shared Kodi folders (most memorably the USERDATA folder but there may have been others)

    and replacing any/all folders/files in the Kodi installation with any that were equivalent to my backup ones
    (by deleting then copying).
    (Note that one or two files would not copy, but this did not seem to be a problem: namely the runtime file in storage\.config\pulse)

    b) For the folders that I couldn't see in those shared folders, I did this:
    i) (In Windows as above) I copied ALL THE REMAINING backed-up folders/files to a new folder I made in my PROFILE folder (I chose that just cos I knew it was accessible WITHIN Kodi)
    ii) I probably restarted Kodi
    iii) In Kodi, I went into SETTINGS and made sure that 'see hidden folders' was 'yes'
    iv) I ADDED the source of the 'Home' folder, which revealed the STORAGE folder which was hidden before that.
    This STORAGE folder was equivalent to the backup.
    v) Using the FILE MANAGER I went to the the STORAGE folder, which contained the following top folders:


    and they had subfolders and files too
    vi) I replaced the existing ones with the backed up ones, by deleting the existing ones and then copying over the backed-up equivalents
    (Note this didn't include Userdata, which had already been copied!)

    vii) So by now, for every folder/file that had an equivalent BACKED UP VERSION, I had replaced them with those backed up versions

    4. I restarted Kodi

    5. I RE-ENABLED my addons

    6. I was kind of amazed and pleased to see that not only did my addons work...

    (...even Chrome, which had been giving me hell by not starting, and had started off this whole problem.
    See: Chrome wont launch despite many different attempts...also LibreElec repository not accessible from 9.1.002)

    ...but even Aura (my alternative skin) loaded AND with all my special customisations including special playlists on the main homepage!


    I was so happy.


    I expect this is probably not the conventional way to do it
    (for example I probably didn't need to copy over the TEMP folder and perhaps even the cache?)...

    ...and if anyone has any feedback, I'm very open to it.

    It would be good to correct anything I've done wrong so other people don't run into problems - and me next time.

    But so far everything seems to be working sweeeet !

    Sadly I ended up accidentally deleting my whole installation with all my customisations, trying to fix this. :(

    (I didn't realise that resetting LibreElec or Kodi (I can't remember which I did) would do that.)

    I tried for about 8 hrs various solutions.

    * Launching Chrome just does nothing in the latest version (Generic.x86_64-9.2.2)
    (....except 'download and extract' initially...but then it does nothing)

    * After I destroyed my setup I even tried reinstalling my original version: Generic.x86_64-9.1.002
    But then it wouldn't even let me access the LibreElec this deliberate?**
    (Note: I COULD access it when I upgraded again to 9.2.2)

    * I tried other variations on the above, such as:

    - I noticed that Chrome really needed two updates, so I did these first, then tried to launch.
    Just nothing happened at all.

    I'd really appreciate if someone could check if there is something up with the latest version of Chrome for 9.2.2
    OR tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    I really need Chrome because I use it to watch TV progs: live and on-demand.
    I only use Kodi for my media viewing
    , since the HD on that PC is faulty.
    My vids are stored on my other PC which I access via the network.

    Thanks in advance!

    For the record I love LibreElec and Kodi, which is why I'd REALLY like to solve this.

    ** (That would be unfortunate, because Chrome DID work before on my original version...I reckon it's good for people to be able to revert to a previous version that worked for them and still access the addons that worked with that version, especially if there is a bug in something which hasn't been caught yet.)

    I def want the extras....especially any commentary.

    I have been seeing this MakeMKV app mentioned.

    So far I've been making folders with all the VTS files, and I feel comfortable with that.

    But willing to change if there's a better way.

    My only CLEAR concern is having to mount/unmount isos all the time...but maybe that's no biggy?

    What are the pros (and cons) of creating an iso (using MakeMkv for eg) ?
    Is one of them that: I could reduce the space used up by (easily) de-selecting periprheral stuff like extra languages, with MakeMkv?

    I have some movies with two DVD discs, and these DVDs exist as all the VTS/vob dvd files in folders.

    Often when I add them, the media-scraper adds a MOVIE called VIDEO based on this. I end up with multiple copies of this movie called 'VIDEO' in my library.

    How can I name movies with two DVD discs without this happening?

    So far I've tried (let's say we use The Matrix as an example - I will only mention one disc though):

    The Matrix/The Matrix CD1/VIDEO_TS (I thought putting the VTS/vob files into a folder might help, because it was causing problems BEFORE that)
    The Matrix/CD1/VIDEO_TS
    The Matrix/CD1/...all the VTS/vob files sitting there without being in a folder

    Every time it ALSO adds this movie called VIDEO

    How can I name it to prevent this. The Kodi website said 'CD1' would be fine, but it's not working.

    Well I'm still LOVING Kodi and the way it runs so smoothly with LibreElec.

    I can honestly say its changed my life - I've been enjoying watching movies again.

    I really love the way all your movies are laid out as images with easy-to-access info,

    and you can order it (esp) by rating and country (I'm in Australia and I have a project to see more of our films).

    And that's just the start of what I love about it.

    (It's solved a big problem with my media PC, which has a bad hard drive. But Kodi just runs without needing that, so its 10 times faster than Windows 10 on that PC)

    My only real problem is one I'm currently having adding media from an SMB share (sometimes it fails)...which I've shared about just now in the support section.

    Plus it would be great to be able to reorganise favourites more.

    If this is too much of a Kodi question, could someone pls suggest a forum?

    This problem is really frustrating me. (See pic below)

    In the loungeroom i run a LibreElec PC (using a usb stick).
    But all the media is stored on a Windows XP PC in another room - with vids on several external hard drives.
    (Yes, I know I 'shouldn't' run XP, but I have my reasons and its MOSTLY working).

    I've successfully set up an SMB share, grabbing files from the Xp PC.
    But SOMETIMES, when I'm trying to add a VIDEO SOURCE using FILES, it says 'Operation not Permitted' and won't open it.

    (Videos > Files > Add videos > Browse > tap on the SMB share)

    It's really frustrating because it happens 70% of the time.

    Meanwhile all the vids that are already added, play just fine.

    Sometimes I can get it to work if I SUSPEND and try again.

    The LibreElec PC is plugged directly to the router with a blue cable.
    That router also operates a wifi network which the source XP PC is connected to.
    I also have a wifi-dongle in the LibreElec PC, because Im not sure if perhaps it needs it to get the files of the source XP computer.

    Wow I love this thing !

    THANKS LibreELEC peoples!

    I just wanted to say thanks for this brilliant app.

    In my loungeroom I have a dedicated media PC that I use just for watching movies and some TV**.

    But the hard drive started failing, and Windows 10 was tortuously slow.

    Until I can afford an SSD, I was looking for an OS that would play movies and TV without relying on the hard-drive, using just the computer's chip (plus the DVD drive, USB sticks, and network shares.).

    After a search I found LibreELEC.

    And I've found its basically perfect for what I need.

    Not only that, I'm amazed at how Kodi adds all the info about the shows, and helps you organise it all in so many different ways.
    Now I can see all my tv shows and movies in one place.

    Where has thing thing been all my life?!
    (Actually I tried something similar once but found it a bit clunky).

    Thanks for making it accessible to people with problems with their OS!


    ** I brought it for general use, but I was ripped off: I got a PC with a very different spec than advertised, including only having one hard drive (he sent me the micro version instead of the mini version) and never sending the RAM he 'forgot' to put in when he sent it. So I thought "I'll just use it as a media machine in the loungeroom". But then the HD started failing as well!

    Is today April 1st ?

    * There is a default option that is selected when you run the CREATOR, and its Rasperry Pi (run the Windows version yourself and you can see this)

    * I was trying to install onto a USB stick running on a standard PC.
    That's because the HARD DRIVE of that PC is faulty and so my Win10 is tortuously slow.
    (I will get an SSD, when I can afford it. I'm a student)
    But the PC chip itself is fine
    So I wanted an OS I could use to watch tv/movies, without relying on a HD

    * Anyway, I am LOVING this app.

    I love the actual LibreElectric app so far !

    HOWEVER, I just gave up on installing it after trying at least four times, using different ways - even an SD card.

    THEN I realised that the DEFAULT OS is 'Raspberry pi', NOT a standard PC ('Generic AMD INTEL NVIDIA').

    I'm a medium-level PC/phone user, and certainly not a novice.
    (For example, I run two versions of Windows on my PC, using dual boot)

    But I'm not an expert in LibreElectric.

    NOW USUALLY with software, the DEFAULT works for most people.

    So I just kept trying to install using the DEFAULT: which was Raspberry Pi, NOT a standard PC.
    (NOTE: I just assumed it used 'Raspberry Pi as some kind of 'base', and installed it).

    Are most LibreElectric users Raspberry Pi users?

    If so, I can totally understand that being the default.

    But for an ordinary user like me, that totally screwed me up.

    Because of my particular need, I gave up on LibreElectric and even instead tried to run a whole Windows 10 install from a USB stick as an alternative - which took ages.
    (The whole reason Im wanting to use LE is because my media PC in the loungeroom has a faulty drive and is now incredibly slow. I need an interim option to speed up playing dvds and videos).

    If Raspberry Pi is NOT the main thing most people use, is it possible to make the DEFAULT a standard PC (The 'Generic' Option), to avoid confusion?

    (Of course if you get SPONSORSHIP money from Raspberry Pi, I understand. )

    Or is it possible to put a WARNING somewhere - on the Creator or the download page?

    ("PC USER? Use GENERIC option!")

    (I know its pretty standard practice to abuse anyone online who says anything that even looks like a complaint. But please know I've been polite and I took the time to join this forum just for the purpose of saying this, because I believe it will help OTHERS. Thankfully I gave it one more go and worked out he problem.)