Installed on Nuc i3... -> FINE

  • Just want to report that i have installed it in my Nuc i3 (over OE 7b2) , Everything went fine.. and have better boot and shutdown time then OE... :)

    Great job fellas keep it up... ,
    by the way activating Rss feed displays Openelec news :)

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  • It's possible that the migration overlooked the RSS-feeds file somehow. It may be worth looking into.

    A clean install of LibreELEC only shows Kodi feeds on news articles and addon updates.

  • RssFeeds.xml exists in the Kodi userdata directory so if you migrate from OE > LE the file is retained as-is. It wouldn't be right for us to start editing the file via scripts; should you go back to OE (hopefully not, but always the users' right to choose) we'd have removed the OE news feed. Probably not a big deal given the volume of news coming from OE, but, principles.