[] LibreELEC 7.0 for S805

  • Did you try this one?

    GitHub - tomuta/debian-mini-odroid-c1: Script to build a minimal Debian sd card image.

  • I have another problem.
    There is no sound over hdmi, but it seems to come on if i unplug the cord then plug it back in until next time i turn device off then on.

    Any ideas

    UPDATE: Ive also noticed that when the sound is working after i unplug and plug the hdmi cord back in, the picture is darker. When the sound is not working the picture is brighter.

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  • Hi kszaq,

    I have just updated from to The only problem that I have noticed so far is the return of a problem I had on a previous build. If I use the 'Power off system' option in the power menu, the system hangs and I have to cycle the power to recover. If I use the 'Suspend' option, all is well. Do you think this is a small problem with the build, or could it be something to do with the boot version that is in my MK808B Plus?

    Thanks again for all the hard work.
    Hmm ... maybe it doesn't really hang. However, the power out via the USB port to the wired ethernet adapter that I use is not switched off,and the blue LED on the MK808B Plus doesn't always do what I suppose it should. Sometimes the box can be operating with the blue LED off. So there does seem to be something a bit strange with power-related stuff. Cheers.

    LibreELEC running on MK808B Plus from NAND

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  • nigelg Some plugins may prevent a safe shutdown process. As far as I know this is the issue not only with my builds but with Kodi in general. That's why I recommend using 'Suspend'.

    Poida V3_1 boards not waking is an u-boot issue that I wasn't able to work around so far... I have tried many things and nothing worked. There are 2 ways this can be solved: a brilliant new idea for a workaround comes to my mind or I get u-boot source code from manufacturer. I'm wondering which one is more possible...

  • I have uploaded my log files for anyone to look at.

    I have booted libreelec started a movie, no sound, then unplugged the hdmi cable and plugged back in and played the movie again, and there is sound.


  • kszaq Being the eternal optimist, I eagerly await your next brilliant new idea for a workaround 

  • Ok i've noticed when i unplug the hdmi cable then plug back in the tv picks up what device it is.

    Does this help?

  • AuXBoX: This looks like a hardware issue to me. Try: using a different HDMI cable and switching audio output in Kodi - if you had Analog selected switch to S/PDIF and vice versa.

  • AuXBoX: This looks like a hardware issue to me. Try: using a different HDMI cable and switching audio output in Kodi - if you had Analog selected switch to S/PDIF and vice versa.

    I tried 3 different cables, and different audio settings, i tried playing around with the tv settings and no difference.

    Its something to do with cec. Its just wierd how it works perfect after unplugging and replugging the cable back in.

    After reboot the tv picks up the device till it gets to the second mxq loading screen just before libeelec loading screen.

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  • Hi,
    I ve installed sd version over a
    supercelrron Rom in a 1gb sd but
    sometimes it wont boot but remain blocked
    While booting.

    I cant find a way to install the nand version.
    what do you advice me to try? thanks

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  • Nope no audio with cec disabled

    Can you try running this in SSH terminal:

    echo audio_off > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/config
    echo audio_on > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/config

    Don't worry about sh: write error: Bad address that comes out when executing. Does audio turn on after this?

    As far as I remember Superceleron installs TWRP. You should be able to flash *-update.zip in TWRP from NAND release.

  • Sorry how can I access to twrp?