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    Hey Auxbox good to see you here and trust you are well mate. With your known technical knowledge of compiling Linux based builds I am certain you can be a great help here in this forum my friend.

    Yes that is the correct .dtb device tree file for S905X boxes though not all makes and models will be fully compatible. I am not 100% but have3 a freind on here who you will know of old who uses a NExbox with LE8 but I believe it is an S905 box not the newer S905X version that you have.

    Personally I use the very nneat and fast and compatible Beelinkg MXIII II S905X box and other than having to installtointernal twice it is excellent and works brilliantly wiht both the MM and Nougat kernal LE8 builds but note I do not have a UHD TV so can only test up to 1080 res of course.

    Hey Ray, have you moved to these builds now?

    Everything works really well with just the very odd crash. Kszaq has done some really good work to bring Libreelec to these devices.

    This latest build using the Marshmallow kernel has a darker picture in my opinion which is not that bad. Loving the addition of the LibreSSL libraries as i can now use the catchup tv addons in my country. Other than the this slow wifi problem on my device, which is hardly noticeable except the odd buffer while watching a movie, i'm really happy with it.

    I have 2 Nexbox a95x and both have troubles with wifi dropping in and out. Also just generally really slow speed even though the signal strength is really good. I probably can only transfer around 1 or 2 mb/s.

    Any ideas?

    I'm not home at moment but from memory:
    SPDIF was the only one that worked if i unplugged the hdmi cable and plugged it back in AND if i left tv off till LibreElec booted and i turned the Tv on.
    ANALOG worked if i unplugged the HDMI cable and plugged back in only.

    I'm pretty sure thats what happens

    Have you tried turning CEC off on your TV ?

    Yeah i have and on Kodi.
    I'm thinking of putting android back on and changing the CEC settings on that then flashing LibreElec back to NAND.
    Would that effect LibreElec at all? Cause i know it effects the resolution on bootup from when i was playing around with previous problems.

    thanks for the assistance also guys

    Can you try running this in SSH terminal:

    echo audio_off > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/config
    echo audio_on > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/config

    Don't worry about sh: write error: Bad address that comes out when executing. Does audio turn on after this?

    No audio still.

    But also i noticed if i turn the device on with the tv off and turn the tv on once its booted it works fine and the tv has detected it.

    AuXBoX: This looks like a hardware issue to me. Try: using a different HDMI cable and switching audio output in Kodi - if you had Analog selected switch to S/PDIF and vice versa.

    I tried 3 different cables, and different audio settings, i tried playing around with the tv settings and no difference.

    Its something to do with cec. Its just wierd how it works perfect after unplugging and replugging the cable back in.

    After reboot the tv picks up the device till it gets to the second mxq loading screen just before libeelec loading screen.

    I have another problem.
    There is no sound over hdmi, but it seems to come on if i unplug the cord then plug it back in until next time i turn device off then on.

    Any ideas

    UPDATE: Ive also noticed that when the sound is working after i unplug and plug the hdmi cord back in, the picture is darker. When the sound is not working the picture is brighter.