docker on Amlogic builds

  • it seems there is no such repo for this architecture (aarch64)... (no repo to install FROM Libreelec repo)
    hummmm ... wait ... here is on github :
    GitHub - linuxserver/libreelec-addons
    I'll try when I'll be back to 7.9. I am currently on 7.0 with the docker bug.
    I also have to find how to connect my containers to my network (VPN)...

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  • Thanks for checking. Then kszaq may have to manually add it to his builds

  • Docker has not been fixed yet in my 7.0 builds. In 7.90 repo is available. You have to install addons for arm and not aarch64.

  • Hello, I have MK808B Plus with LibreElec (S805.arm), and all is working great.

    I'd like to install Docker

    How should I do ?