My overall feedback for LibreELEC running on an RK3328 Android TV Box

  • Hi, guys. First of all, let me congratulate everyone for making amazing progress on making LibreELEC work as perfect as possible on Rockchip devices.

    I thought I'd give feedback regarding my overall experience after testing various current images for RK3328 devices and hopefully this feedback will help improve any future releases.

    First off, I am running an R10 RK3328 Android TV Box.

    Second, my preferred LibreELEC build is the latest MVR9 image (LibreELEC 9.2 Alpha) which you can download right from this site: Rockchip – LibreELEC

    I have tested all the LibreELEC 9.2 Alpha images for RK3328 devices. They all boot into LibreELEC but MVR9 image works best for me because I get Internet connection via Wi-Fi (wired connection doesn't work) and I get sound from my speakers via AV port by selecting the I2S analogue sound option in Kodi settings.

    Regarding other LibreELEC 9.2 Alpha versions I tested, some of them don't have Internet at all / others have Internet via Ethernet but no Wi-Fi, but those images don't have the I2S analogue sound option so I get no sound to my speakers.

    Okay, that would be my feedback regarding sound and Internet.

    Now, to the second part, which is video playback.

    Again, LibreELEC 9.2 Alpha MVR9 image works best for me. There are only two small problems: a) colors in 4K videos seem to be a bit washed up. That's especially apparent if I bring up navigation bar during playback. Then the colors become even more pale

    b) MPEG-4 files are extremely choppy as LibreELEC 9.2 Alpha doesn't yet use HW acceleration for those files, so I guess that's where the problem lies.

    The two latest developmental images I've tested have other bugs, but they fix these two video playback problems for me.

    First off, regarding washed up colors in 4K videos, the latest MVR9 LibreELEC version on this link (LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.80-nightly-20190719-235fdbc-box-trn9.img.gz) has better colors, but here videos get a bit choppy when bringing up the navigation bar.

    And secondly, regarding choppy MPEG-4 videos, the latest image by Kwiboo (LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.1-devel-20190512173254-bdfaff1-box-trn9.img.gz) fixes that problem, but the playback of other video formats has gotten worse and very, very buggy.

    So, if you could somehow merge the official RK3328 MVR9 image with the good points from these two other images, it would improve things a lot.

    I guess my recommended list of fixes would be:

    1) HW acceleration for MPEG-4 files

    2) improved 4K video colors

    3) Ethernet connection available on MVR9 image.

    Thank you for reading. :)

  • Gigabit ethernet is broken for all RK3328 devices at the moment., Kwiboo said he will look into it.

    It is working on the old 4.4 kernel images that are now discontinued.

    By running the MVR9 images on your device, you must make sure your device also uses DDR4 RAM otherwise in the long run it will cause wear & tear on your RAM chips and can also cause stuttering video playback if used on a DDR3 device.

    Kwiboo, we really need new images for testing, please :)

  • Kwiboo, we really need new images for testing, please :)

    I know, summer vacation got in the way :) , I am now back working on an updated rockchip mainline image and other related things for the next few days.

    Gigabit ethernet is broken for all RK3328 devices at the moment., Kwiboo said he will look into it.

    I am hoping that something like arm64: dts: rockchip: improve rk3328-roc-cc rgmii performance. - Patchwork also can help other RK3328 devices, I had some trouble with gigabit on MVR9 last time around. Hoping to get it storted out this round :)

  • After reading your feedback I stopped using the MVR9 image because it turns out the 2GB version of my R10 RK3328 box uses DDR3. So now I use the 'Generic Rockchip Box' image of LE 9.1.002 (Kernel 4.4). This one has wired, no wireless internet. The rest of it looks the same like MVR9.

    So is this one okay for DDR3?

  • Installed the latest test version of the LE on the Z28 TV box (rk3328), the video plays fine but there is one problem with IPTV. I watch IPTV via IPTV Simple PVR Client, sometimes in the flow are instability, in this case, the picture just freezes (no buffering), while sometimes the sound stays, sometimes disappears, too, is solved only by restarting the channel (you have to press stop, then again vibrate channel and run).

    This issue is not present in Kodi on my Windows and Linux computers. Perhaps someone will tell you how to solve the problem ?

    Below is a part of the logs from the KODI file.log