Raspberry PI4 4Gb + 2 external HDD (1 per USB3.0 port) possible ?

  • I already have in my saloon a BIG computer for Kodi only (windows version) and I want to make a small one with a Raspberry 4 and LibreElec

    Is it possible to plug 2 external 2.5 HDD on USB3 ports (1 per USB port) ?

    Will I need external alimentation for each HDD or a simple SATA to USB3.0 wire is enough ?

    Also can HDD be NTFS formated ? (especially for big movies with more than 4gb file)

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I don't have an RPi4, but I can confirm that at least one USB 3.0 HDD can be connected directly to the USB 2.0 port of an RPi3 (and also an RPi2 when I did a brief test). I've also had a keyboard, MCE remote control, and a USB flash drive all connected at the same time as the USB 3.0 HDD and all worked flawlessly.

    With the larger power supply for an RPi4, it might be possible to connect two HDDs directly to the USB ports.

    If you seek more details on how I used a USB 3.0 HDD with an RPi3, then see Build a Cheap PVR using Raspberry Pi 3, LibreELEC, Kodi, Tvheadend, & HDHomeRun.

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    Depending on the size of the HDD it should be possible. 2TB works fine but 4TB does not (Requires a powered USB HUB). Only real way is to try - Also make sure you have a GOOD power supply.

    For integrity of the HDD it is always better to have them powered by a USB HUB.

    They can be formatted as ext4 or NTFS it doesn't matter. LE can handle both.

  • External housing for drives is a relatively low cost expense and it’s what I’ve done to connect to add a third drive to my 2-drive NAS, I think it was under $20 Canadian for one, has it’s own power and works like a dream! That way you can have as many drives as you want. A powered USB hub would be another option, but I’m someone who is anxious about having a drive just sitting out naked, too.

  • Good friend, I can know which externally powered usb hub is designed to work perfectly with LibreELEC.

    Leave the models here because I bought one and it didn't work!

    If anyone has an externally powered usb hub using LibreELEC, please indicate the same.