PI4 and 3D mvc not working

  • Nothing yet. The latest #0717 build from Milhouse did play the 3D video (which is an upgrade from LE 9.2.3 which crashed), but the display is still showing two images.

    So that sounds as if 3D MVC decode is working, but not being output as frame packed 1080p24 (i.e. not outputting it as 1920x2205 with 45 lines of blanking between each eye feed).

    Does the Pi 4B output frame packed 3D when converting SBS and TAB for output as frame packed?

  • Just tested all sorts of 3D stuff on 9.2.4 Intel Generic (on a J5005 Gemini Lake), and it basically all played fine.

    Will connect the RPi4 next, and see how far that goes.

  • Update:

    Good news:

    All videos from the 3D samples section of the Kodi Wiki play here on the RPi-4 with 9.2.4 .. when it is connected to a (2560x1440) PC monitor.

    Bad news:

    Things also need to be tested on the 3D TV naturally, in 33+ dgrs weather. 8o

  • this would make LibreELEC + RPi4 a killer box for a lot of people. Looking forward to the results of your testing when you’re able :)

  • Also, where did you get v9.2.4? I see this thread:

    That's the advantage of being a team member. ;)

    I get to test the upcoming update with Kodi 18.8 on board.

    It's should come out next week or so.

  • Didn't I mention that already?

    Yes, you did, but you also said:


    All videos from the 3D samples section of the Kodi Wiki play here on the RPi-4 with 9.2.4

    Hence, my request for clarification. To me this statement implied that you tested the 3D files in a setup that could ostensibly play 3D.....otherwise, why test 3D files since you wouldn't you know they are working to begin with? Pi4 has played 2D since it was first released.

    Sorry for my confusion....

    That being said, I'd be willing to help test it on my Pi4 through a Denon Atmos receiver and BenQ-2050 3D projector if that helps

  • So much for testing, I think the mSD card on my RPi4 has given up.

    Enabling USB boot is next on the agenda.

  • Is it possible to get a copy of v9.2.4 for the PI4?

    Unfortunately I assumed it already worked on the PI4 and just ordered a PI4 plus cables, etc.

    Anyways, I'd love to beta test the release if possible...