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  • i cannot boot from the SD Card with Openatv v6.0 wetek SDCardimage file burnt on SD Card and i am using it in K1 plus.
    what am i doing wrong ?
    pls help me install VitMOD OS on my K1 plus.


  • Hello tiagovb,
    I also need DVB-C to be worked in this Kii pro TV box and test every new release. At now, just only new
    Vitmod-LE worked with DVB-C and can scan chanels via VDR or neutrino. Wicardd also have instaled and descramble chanels.
    Regards also @afl for great work and hope to have in future driver with worked dvb-c.

    HI, i tried to install latest Vitmod-LE on K1 Plus using SD Card method, but when i boot up in Neutrino, the Display MEnu is out of sync in Proportion to TV. i mean the half Menu is cut and it is not usable..
    Anyone have the same issue or is it just me ? also can you Show me how to activate Oscam/Cccam function in this Software ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Choose Wetek Play 2. and why do you want to unlock your KII Pro ? just install Libreelec to Nand and use any Class 10 SD Card to Boot latest Vitmod-LE Image and use it.
    Thats all.

    Hi Qashaf: can you just tell me how to receive 3 Satellites namely - Hotbird, 19.2E, 28.2E using 1/2/3 LNB ? and how to Setup Oscam / Cccam in K1 Plus ? are you running this Image from SD Card or have you installed it to Nand ?
    i Need your assistance pls. Thanks in Advance.

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  • Thank you for the reply
    I thought that unlocking kii pro, can I install libreelec?
    I do everything as I was told, and I read on the forum ... !!!
    The monitor is written to me
    starting debbuging shell ... type exit to quit
    can not access tty: job controll turned off

  • Hi, can i install it to Nand flash ? does it work ?
    because when i tried to restore the plugins while running the Vitmod OS from SD card, it just refused to work.
    so i thought i could install it to internal memory. Can you enlighten us pls.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I can confirm that the August T210 works absolutely fine with Freeview HD, these can be picked up from Amazon for around £15 second hand.

    Works for both SD and HD channels, you can also record multiple HD channels at once since they are all on the same mux, I have managed to record 5 HD channels at once without issue.

    You could potentially pick up two and turn it into a dual tuner if needed.

  • I finally managed to install libreelec. !!!
    rufus recommend the program to program sd / usb.!
    I put libreelec 8.0.
    I managed to install the oscam and vdr.
    What is vdr,What is vdr, and how to put it to work. ???
    cccam exists for libreelec?
    Thank you all.

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  • I test tvheadend backend. Using webif to setup diseqc 1.0 for internal tuner dvbs2 (measat ku and c satellites). Scanning successful and all maxs, transponders and channels listed. The encryprted channel successfully opened by using OSCAM-cccam addons.

    I need to know how did you manage to scan c band satellite. I am not using this image rather using libreelec version 8 on wetek Play. Somehow I can scan Ku band. Satellite with DisecQ 1 but unable to scan c band satellite. I added c band satellite using orbital position as these satellites were not available from pre defined mixes list.

    Your help will be appreciated.

  • ERROR: ioctl(CA_SET_DESCR_MODE): Invalid argument
    2016/12/23 10:59:57 3ABD6C87 c (ecm) dvbapiau ([email protected]/289F/6594/55:9943088204C07E6258182760CFCBC144): found (32 ms) by shurik - History HD
    2016/12/23 11:00:00 3ABD6C87 c (dvbapi) ERROR: ioctl(CA_SET_DESCR): Invalid argument

    Anybody managed to fix this? I'm trying to configure oscam on Enigma2 (Vitmod for KII Pro). I can get correct CW, but oscam cannot talk with CA interface correctly. Seems like a dvb-api problem. Tried all boxtypes but still no luck.
    Oscam works fine in Frontend and Kodi confiugration (LibreELEC 8).
    We need Oscam patch with support for aml dvp-api?

    Maybe anyone have Wicard 1.19 for KII Pro (arm64)?

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  • Hi friends! Please post on the file changer LibreELEC-Amlogic.aarch64-KI_Plus-
    This firmware is very necessary! Thank you!

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  • I have kii pro I install vitmod 1.2 on it the problem is that no sound on neutrino plz help

    You probably on wrong forum!!!
    Why do you ask help on LibreELEC forum for this russian dilettante product using open source LibreELEC without publishing sources for his own fork?

  • I’ve bought a K1 Plus s905 S2&T2 and it comes with S2&T2_R848_REV1.2 tuner board which is associated with KIII. However I get a really low SNR (~40%) which is insufficient to play HD LIVE TV channels. Do you think that KIII libreelec rom is different to K1 Plus rom, regarding tuner board?