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    Thank you for your great work. DVB drivers work progress is impressive. Unfortunately watching TV in KODI via headend, especially channel changing is slow. It's much, much faster with Enigma2 or Neutrino in VITMOD, but there are old DVB drivers and it have bugs. Is here somebody who could build Enigma2 binaries for this KII Pro LibreELEC build?

    GitHub - openatv/enigma2: openatv-gui

    or OpenPLi
    OpenPli Ubuntu build howto

    I modified your kernel to run system from internal /dev/system with read-write permissions, but can't get working binaries for Enimga2.

    By the way OpenATV 6.0 is true system for STB devices and could run latest KODI as a plugin. I think it is more natural system whitch KII Pro should be shipped with.
    Would really appreciate your help. Thank you in advance!

    ERROR: ioctl(CA_SET_DESCR_MODE): Invalid argument
    2016/12/23 10:59:57 3ABD6C87 c (ecm) dvbapiau ([email protected]/289F/6594/55:9943088204C07E6258182760CFCBC144): found (32 ms) by shurik - History HD
    2016/12/23 11:00:00 3ABD6C87 c (dvbapi) ERROR: ioctl(CA_SET_DESCR): Invalid argument

    Anybody managed to fix this? I'm trying to configure oscam on Enigma2 (Vitmod for KII Pro). I can get correct CW, but oscam cannot talk with CA interface correctly. Seems like a dvb-api problem. Tried all boxtypes but still no luck.
    Oscam works fine in Frontend and Kodi confiugration (LibreELEC 8).
    We need Oscam patch with support for aml dvp-api?

    Maybe anyone have Wicard 1.19 for KII Pro (arm64)?

    I have a problem with suspend mode. I want to put device in suspend mode with one button click. By default LibreELEC shows power menu when you click Power button. So I take some unused key and map it (via keyboard.xml) directly to Suspend command.

    When I use power menu and select Suspend everything working fine. I can go to sleep and wake up device correctly (with stock power button). But when I use this mapped key device goes to sleep but it's impossible to wake up device (with stock power button).

    Anyone have working one click Suspend button configuration?

    Demetris. Looks like it nothing corresponding resolution. I tried this commands to check different resolution and it changes but display are still broken (#121)
    # echo 1080p50hz > /sys/class/display/mode
    # echo 1080p60hz > /sys/class/display/mode
    # echo 720p50hz > /sys/class/display/mode
    # echo 720p60hz > /sys/class/display/mode
    # echo 1080i50hz > /sys/class/display/mode
    # echo 1080i60hz > /sys/class/display/mode
    # echo 720i50hz > /sys/class/display/mode
    # echo 720i60hz > /sys/class/display/mode

    I just looking for working configuration. It's no matter to me which resolution I will be using.
    In android I have set [email protected]

    Demetris I think that we misunderstood each other. I don't want to change resolution. When I installed your Lakke image and get this slided image (#121) I just thought about changing resolution like a solution for my problem and only asked you about it.
    I've just done a fresh install and tried your latest image (compiled 16:54) but still no luck :(
    LE-8.0-RC1 working without any problems.

    I will try the new image from Demetris this evening, if they are ready and if it works I will explain you how to do it. Which device do You have? Is it already multiboot enabled?

    I have M8 with multiboot enabled. I can't test it now because I'm away for a while. I'll be able to test next week.

    Yes, I updated from Codesnake 6.0.3 with native OpenELEC update procedure (tar into Update folder + reboot).

    Where I could log problem with sleep? In kodi or system logs? Where I could catch it. Sleep works fine on Codesnake's OpenELEC. Anyway it's not a big deal. I have unmapped power off button from my harmony remote and M8 boxes are on 24/7.

    Just mentioned small problem with M8. Sometimes it won't wake up after sleep. Sometimes it wakes without problem but every 2-3 wakes it show KODI on TV for second and goes black. Then only restart help. Is it a known bug? I'm using 8.0 LE build.

    M8 build up in OP, enjoy.

    Wow that was fast, thank you. I tried it on my 2x M8 boxes. Updated from OpenELEC 6.0.3 via SMB into NAND without any problems. Had problem with MAC addressees on OpenELEC (both boxes had the same MAC) now everything is fine. Connected with my MySQL database, all fine. Thank you so much!