VIM1 plex question

  • Hi all,

    I have a Khadas VIM 1 Basic that i use as a media client.

    The LE image i flashed on the SD Card is this one: LibreELEC-KVIM.arm-9.0.2.img.gz

    I am trying to play a 4K HDR Movie in the Plex Add-on of Kodi, but it tries to play it, however, it latter says: "Plex, Playback failed!" in the top right of the screen.

    I have enabled the debug mode and i think i have a log:

    When playing a 1080p movie it plays it OK, however, i cant play any 4K HDR movie, i am not sure, but can you confirm if this is an expected result of internal changes done to Kodi/LibreELEC ?

    I think i read in the Kodi forum to forget about 4K and HDR, but i didnt understand what it meant. Now that mi Khadas VIM 1 Basic has arrived i think i do, or may be it is just a bug of the Plex Add on for this release.

  • I moved your post because the other thread is for mainline kernel images, not legacy kernel images.

  • Do you have "Allow 4k" checked in the settings for the Kodi Plex addon? The settings are reached by opening the addon and clicking on your user name. From there you go into "Video".

    I had the same issue with playing HEVC until i found this menu.