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    Catch-up TV and more has a live section that has STV in it. When I watched it, it was the same as ITV(1). Risky I suppose for watching England games as you might find an episode of Heartbeat if the SNP have any influence over it.

    Catch-up TV and More from the Kodi repo has a section STV (Scottish TV?) that has many/most/all? the ITV progs. I add the section as a favourite and play stuff from there.

    A bit more feedback on the latest n2 (20220611) although I noticed it on 20220610.

    The only way I can get 23.976 framerates to play at 24 on my tv is to set the gui up at 24fps. If I do that, live tv switches to 50 as I'd expect given that I have refresh rate switching set to On Start/Stop. I don't use whitelist. The same video files switch to 24 on my tanix tx6 which is running 10.02 and has gui set to 50. It would seem that the problem lies with fractional framerates because I can set the gui to 50 on the N2 and 24p material will switch to 24fps but 23.976 plays at 50.

    Hope this helps development and is not too confusing.

    Thanks chewitt. I've had to reread yours several times in order to digest it's content. You've made it clearer for me and what you say does align with the stuff I've read and partly understood. Being only up to 1080 and happy with an external DAC, I'm sticking with LibreELEC. The internal DAC would be a nice to have but I don't practice the dark arts.

    HDGuy, why not get an SD card and try it for yourself? You could answer my questions then😀.

    For me, the biggest advantage is that I can watch HD channels on UK Freeview via TVHeadend without any "micro stutters" for want of a better word. It seems I'm unique in this as I've been a pest on the CoreELEC forum about it. My semi logical feeling is that there's something in the vendor kernel because firestick and the earlier vendor kernel don't exhibit this. LibreELEC, uses mainline kernel and behaves beautifully with these channels.

    I'm using the version for odroid N2. I must say that I'm impressed by the performance and picture quality but should I expect to:

    A. Have no analog output from the 3.5mm jack? I've got round this by using a usb dac but it seems a waste of the onboard one.

    B. Have to turn off the DRM PRIME decoder to get H265 to play? Attempts with it enabled caused the system to lock. The N2 seems to do a fine job of software decoding and I only use up to HD, so it's no big deal for me.

    Sorry if these issues have been covered before but I can promise you I've searched quite a lot before asking.

    Do you have "Allow 4k" checked in the settings for the Kodi Plex addon? The settings are reached by opening the addon and clicking on your user name. From there you go into "Video".

    I had the same issue with playing HEVC until i found this menu.

    Me too. Whatever happened to make him go can't be any business of mine but he was the man who was going to keep S805 going in my book. In the contact I had with him on the forum I found him both patient and polite as well as being extremely talented.

    Big shoes to fill but I hope that someone will step up.

    I don't seem to be getting the installation process to work for me. As I'm only capable of copying the commands into terminal, I don't understand what happens next when I've run ir-keytable -a /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg -s rc0.

    The terminal then says : "table from /etc/rc_keymaps or /usr/lib/udev/rc_keymaps". Is this a question or is it just a message to tell me what it has done?

    I can confirm that the 2 files are in place (Lordjontan post #50 above) in their correct positions and that the rc_maps.cfg file has been appropriately edited. I copied them to their locations using kodi file manager.

    i'd be grateful for any advice.


    The Kore (kodi remote) app from playstore works with Open PHT.

    Apart from that I'd just like to comment that on a few occasions when I've booted up, it hasn't signed me in and won't allow me to sign in manually. Has anyone else experienced this and is there anything else that can be done other than reboot until it signs in and my libraries are detected?

    Thanks in advance for any info on the above.

    Hello @viesen. I thought it was about time I updated my earlier post after spending a little time with OpenPHT. My initial comment seems unfair now because I have seen for myself how much faster and better it is over the kodi addon. Thank you so much for bringing this to the community. I'm hooked now.

    I'm now running this from internal on my MXQ S805 boxes with Libreelec running off SD card. That way, I can get to Kodi if needed by simply rebooting and back to Open PHT by "reboot from Internal" from Kodi. This way round, I can swap between them without having to physically remove the SD card.

    For the benefit of other people who may be interested, in doing this, I've learnt:

    - ssh command installtointernal works with OpenPHT set up on the SD card. The ssh login password is openpht.

    - the version of OpenPHT left behind on the SD card can be reverted to Libreelec by placing the appropriate Libreelec .img file in the update folder.

    - If you backup the Libreelec that's in internal before moving Open PHD to internal, you can restore the backup to the SD version and save loads of set up time.

    - If you use Libreelec kodi's default skin, Estuary, the power menu has an option to "reboot from internal".

    - The kodi plex addon still has some use as it means that within Kodi there's no need to set up file locations in order to view Films, TV shows and music. My Kodi is now only set to show addons, favourites and weather on the main screen.

    Hope the above is useful to someone and not just the ramblings of a compulsive tweaker.

    Thank you @viesen for this interesting development. I'm new to plex server but have it running on Dietpi and I'm very happy with it, so I'm in the interested but slightly puzzled newbie phase about all this client stuff.

    I have a novice's question for you or anyone who would care to educate me. What are the differences between this and the kodi plex addon?

    I have set it up on an S805 box and first impressions are that its different visually to the standard plex layout but at least equal to it. From a quick test, I think that one difference is that I can view plex channels through it. That said, for me, this wouldn't be a reason for moving away from LibreElec with the kodi plex addon.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

    My day just gets better. I won at snooker this evening and came home to this.

    I'm very happy to say that the internal wifi is back on the S805 box marked A85 that I have in one of my rooms. I tested it on a 720 stream from BBC Iplayer so the speed is up there with the other boxes I own.

    Thank you so much Kszaq and I hope you enjoyed the coffees I sent you recently (johnstanleyuk).