Nightly images for A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards

  • AugustinPRIME Thanks for testing. PR was already merged, so I'll soon remove that test image because nightly image for OrangePi Lite2 is already available for download.

    Your 4K/1080p issue seems interesting. I have no idea how this could happen. Can you give output of "modetest -c", "dmesg" and kodi log when it starts in 1080p?

    I have 2 identical OrangePi Lite2 Ver2.1

    I only seem to get this on board number1.

    Tested thins on number 2 and all seems good.

  • Changes are applied in next nightly image after PR gets merged, but I don't know when it will be merged.

    Unfortunately, the situation has not improved.

    I've tried the last image (LibreELEC-H6.arm-9.80-devel-20200415141313-837464c-orangepi-lite2.img.gz) and penultimate image (it was released on April 14), but that's the same as before. It always hangs on some screen (especially the LibreELEC add-on) and then I'm forced to turn off the power.

  • hm... you tested "devel" image, which is not nightly. Anyway, I tested OrangePi 3 nightly image from same day and I can't reproduce any crash. Can you provide any log trough ssh? dmesg and kodi.log would help.

  • The kodi.log file is attached.

    I don't have ssh, so I can't provide dmesg.


    • kodi.log

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  • ok, this doesn't help, no error visible and you are running "devel-20200404212626", which is not the one which cause issues.

  • ok, this doesn't help, no error visible and you are running "devel-20200404212626", which is not the one which cause issues.

    I'm sorry. I didn't realize that I returned the only functional version to the SD card. I have to reinstall it. Then I'll put it here again.

  • Download putty for Windows it works very well for ssh and is free

    I don't use Windows, I use Linux Mint.

    I have no problem using ssh and I use it commonly and often.

    The problem was that I was not able to set up the network and enable ssh in the LE environment (GUI problem).

    But this time I was lucky and everything went well. So I have both files available.

    dmesg output


  • Sorry LuRu

    I thought you never heard of ssh ;-)

    Great to hear you are getting forward. It's really a great thing once it's working and jernej is not only making this happen, but he also has such a kind of a patience with all of us. We are really lucky.

  • Latest image completely unusable on orange pi 3. I can not connect to wifi as every time UI hang when I try to connect (sometimes on click to wifi ap, sometimes when I entering password)

  • Ok, panfrost patch which caused instability on H6 was removed. Next nightly should work well again on H6 boards.

  • Has anyone else noticed very high idle CPU usage for the kodi.bin process since the change to the open source lima GPU driver? On my Orange Pi PC running recent builds with smartredraw enabled I am seeing about 30%, while older builds with the mali proprietary driver idle at 3%. BTW, without smartredraw the newer builds idle at close to 50%.

  • I'm not sure if mali supported DVFS (dynamic re-clocking) of the GPU, but lima currently does not, so the GPU is allways running at full speed. I'm not sure if that's the issue or not, but there are patches on the mailing list to add DVFS support so it's being looked into. Again, no idea if that's the issue.

  • Actually, ARM driver run at highest speed all the time. About a week ago I also increased lima frequency for smoother GUI experience.

    Anyway, I doubt lima is at fault here. You know that many packages got updated from the time GPU driver switch happened, including Kodi. You can still build image with ARM driver although kernel driver might need update. Note that during video playback GPU normally doesn't do much, if anything. You can also run perf top to see which function takes most of CPU time.

    chewitt lima will support DVFS with 5.8 and at least H3 has DVFS table already merged.