Is 2 GB of disk space enough for x86 installation?

  • Hello guys!

    I have been playing with LibreELEC the last week and it’s running great on my Atom-based x86 Motherboard, playing me 1080P and serving as some very basic file (Resilio) sync server from a Docker-container.

    I have a chance to get 2 GB SSD for it, should I?

    I’ve tried to backup my LibreELEC installation via settings and it took me less than 2 GB (during the backup process I have noticed it stores thumbnails somewhere inside the backup, which I probably don’t need to). Though my first backups were like 50…100 MB or so.

    I can either do a restore from my backup or try to do clean install and repeat the steps I need (won’t take too much time for me, since it’s very basic usage).

    Would just 2 GB storage be enough for my needs, or is it too little? And if it would be enough for the very basic installation, will it be cluttered with things like thumbnails and another type of cache over time? Is there an option to symlink those folders to my SATA-connected HDD?

    The reason of this solution is that I guess SATA interface would be better than USB Flash Drive (SATA 2 vs USB 2, actually).

    I can get new 120 GB SSD for cheap ($25), but this option will delay me on time by few weeks at least, due to various local reasons. Or I can get my (used now) 32 GB SSD, but much later, like by the end of the year. That’s why I’m considering this 2 GB option, as I thought right now maybe it’s the best option among USB and just a regular HDD.

    Would appreciate any thoughts on that! Cheers.

  • Much bigger and non-default font, due to the message being written in my Google Docs first and copied then. Seems like the styles are kept. First post ever, sorry if there's something like community guidelines. As for the topic, I couldn't find it neither here, nor on reddit/LibreELEC.

  • 2GB sounds very tight. A quarter of that will be taken up by your system partition (so not included in your backup).

    If it costs pennies there's nothing to lose (as long as you back up) but if it were me I'd use a usb stick or a spinny hard drive until I could get hold of a bigger ssd.

  • I agree with trogggy 2G is sufficient but..... it won't take much to fill this up (addons, backups, dumps etc).

    However, if you use the SSD as the primary boot and move /storage to a new SSD/HDD as and when they become available then you have the best of both worlds.

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