Amlogic p281 Kernel 3.14.29

  • Hi, I would appreciate any assistance with helping finding the correct firmware for my box. Is a box I got from cable records but any other identifying information is not possible I was told it is a mxq but I don't find that information and majority information refers back to the Builder I guess or model is p281 device p281 inboard tol, q81 updated for months and not clearing if I am getting the right firmware and build so I can finally get this box updated because. Don't know if it's an mxq or what because the in the box is labeled able Wreckers and I am hoping with the information I provideb3,the box is labeled as a Cable Wreckers Box and I am coming across s905w if someone can't confirm or maybe point me in the right direction for a build confirm

    Brand Amlogic

    Model p281

    Device p281 it M C

    CPU Mode. Quad Core ARM

    Render. Mali-450MP

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    1. Hey. Try to install the coreelec 9.01 image on the sd card from My Vorke Z5 device is also based on the p281 platform so it can work for you. You can also try the image from by selecting S905. For the image to work, it may be necessary to copy the p281 dtb tree to the root directory and change its name to dtb.img. How will it not work, combine, try again.
  • Thank you


    I will try it right now and I really appreciate your feed back. I have 3 projects I am working. Just for fun and to learn more about LibreELEC. I have installed it on a All-in-one pc which makes for a great move around HTPC and also trying to figure out how to get this Intel C8 dual boot tv box to come back to life. Had it about 3 days and it just went to some sort of brick mode. Red light on but will not boot, I will update you soon on the p281 to let you know of any success, thanks again,

  • if your at all comfortable opening the box up then the best way to figure it out is to look for board markings and try and identify it that way. there is a lot of clone boxes around so its hard to say for sure.

    a sure fire way to know tho is to look on the board for a serial port connection which is probably unpopulated pads but its only 3 wires to hook up a usb/serial uart adapter and get a serial port connection running. If you get the serial connection working you can use any terminal program on windows or mac or linux to freeze the boards boot loader (u-boot) and capture the boards required info to help steer you in the right direction.

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    1. You can try still images from this page, but wifi may not work.
    2. ( ; >>>>>
    3. Test LibreELEC images with KODI-18 for S9xxx ) greetings.
  • thanks for all the help guys, I took buzzmarshall's advice and opened the box and it is running on a s905w chipset, But I then downloaded an app to tell me device specs and this is what shows up.


    RAM: 1GB

    KERNEL: LINUX 3.14.29

    SOC:1: S905

    CPU:Amlogic P281 Quad-Core Cortex A53 28nm Processor 2.0GHz


    BOARD: p281

    BOARDF:> p281

    cores: 4

    family: Cortez-A53

    machine: ARMV8L

    AABI: armbaei-v7a

    GPU: Mali-450

    OS: Android 7.1.2

    Support H.265 hardware decoding, H.264 up to 4K 30Hz

    Playstore, XBMC pre-installed

    Support Mira-cast DLNA

    Supports Dolby and DTS

    Does this at all make sense? it list s905 as the chip set and not s905w as it did when I opened the box

    Also Mr Chewitt, can you recommend a couple of TV boxes with Gigabit Ethernet and at least 2-4 GB ram and between 16-64 GB ROM that will not break the bank and is also supported by LibreELEC. Don't want to go the MXQ route.