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    There are many choices within HDMi, among others HDA intel, HDMI Philips - my TV and HDMI 1-3 and Bluetooth sound. I connected the NUC devices with the Philips HDMI-0 TV and there is no sound on every HDMI. Turning on the Philips HDMI connection also does nothing. You can load a 1080p 60 Hz and 1080i picture up to 30 Hz. Strange that the image is a bit hazy, as if HDR was missing. I have a comparison with the Amlogic S905x2 and here the image is more vivid. Maybe the problem is in bios because I also have problems running LE or other images with USB / Sd in NUC.

    Hey. The latest BIOS is installed on my NUC. I installed on a USB stick with SD LE card version 9.2.0, 9.2.2 and 9.2.3 unfortunately the sound does not work. I turned off the option in the BIOS Audio HD DSP, but unfortunately it didn't fix anything. The sound is still gone even though there is no problem with Win10. I am asking you for guidance and help.

    You can try still images from this page, but wifi may not work.
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    Test LibreELEC images with KODI-18 for S9xxx ) greetings.
    Hey. Try to install the coreelec 9.01 image on the sd card from My Vorke Z5 device is also based on the p281 platform so it can work for you. You can also try the image from by selecting S905. For the image to work, it may be necessary to copy the p281 dtb tree to the root directory and change its name to dtb.img. How will it not work, combine, try again.

    I hope that there will be. It takes time to fix the errors that I have when building new images for S812.

    I think, that need create a new subject for models s812\805. Because this topic was discussed in the version for the S9xxx. Infa about s8xxx confuses them (it is absolutely different versions).

    The new version of the images for the S9xxx 20190114. Pay attention. The names of the images have now changed to refer to the whole group for which these images are suitable S905 (S905 S905X S905D S905W) S912 (S912). All previous images were also universal, but apparently many users were confused by the use of a specific model name (Khadas_VIM\VIM2). So I changed the name of the images to universal. The principle of use has not changed. To select the desired dtb, edit the file "uEnv.ini "(or " extlinux.conf" for those who switched to using the new u-boot-2018).

    Thank you. In that case, I am waiting for new images for S812.


    These do not seem to be SOC dependent.

    I would try the 'boot from SD card, use internal memory' guide first.

    Unfortunately, after trying to putty / ssh into existence, the following message appeared: One of BOOT, SYTEM, DATA or DTB partitions is missing.
    Make sure that you are using a correct device tree and a device with internal memory!
    Will these solutions work with the S812 processor?

    The new version Libreelec (20190108) on the basis of the kernel of 4.19 works with HW at S912.

    It's not all ready yet, but it's working. Tested on VIM2 Basic (everything works except BT), WiFi\BT does not work On VIM2 Pro\Max. On Tronsmart Vega S96 with DTB VIM2 works from remote but not working wired network (and of course WiFi\BT), with native dtb Vega S96 wired network works , but no remote control (I hope soon finished dtb for Vega S96, something was wired network and remote control). All models rotate video up to 4K inclusive, KODI interface has small glitches, but works without brakes. So that can be considered these images sustainable alpha. By the way, ran on all TV boxes with a simple USB flash drive.

    Hi balbes150. Will there be newer versions for the S812 processor. I have an Android Box M8S and Libreelec works quite good. However, the option install in eMMC / NAND does not work. The "installtointernal" command also does not work. Any tips? Please, answer.



    Dobrze. Wierzę, że są są tym tym wątku. Myślę, że nie robię tego źle, ale wszystko zacznie od początku, ponownie, aby rozwiązać rozwiązać ten problem. Dzięki!

    Ok. I believe the steps are in this thread. I think I'm not doing it wrong, but obviously I'll start from the beginning, again, to try to solve this issue. Thanks!

    Hi everyone. I installed the latest images for S812 on my M8S from balbes150 on my M8S
    and I started with the image LibreELEC-S812.arm-9.0-devel-20180910103037-bdb5a5b.img.gz. I noticed that after unpacking to an SD card using the Rufus application the dtb file is in the root directory and has a capacity of 176kb and in a newer compilation, i.e. LibreELEC-S812.arm-9.0-devel-20181116095151-cbfbde4.img.gz after unpacking by Rufus dtb files, and there are a lot of them, are in a separate directory and have about 21kb each. The method of starting from an SD card with a toothpick was not successful. The only image that started with me is LibreELEC-S812.arm-9.0-devel-20180910103037-bdb5a5b.img.gz but only using the txt file with Android KitKat enabled. Strange, but only yes. Similarly, I had with the older model Android Box Tronsmart Vega S89 Elite. After starting the system, I updated the system via samba using ES File Explorer, the LAN tab using my Android phone.

    PS. Hey balbes150, Is there a newer picture for S812 that I could successfully install on my Android M8S Box. I'm not sure which dtb image fits my model, but I suspect that n200C.

    Can I libreelec for the S812 processor on emmc / nand? For me, the command via ssh "installtointernal" does not work.