LE 9.01 TVHeadent Haupage Issues

  • I have a small issue with comparability of Hauppauge 930c USB tuner with the latest version of LibreELEC 9.01.

    I have a NUC and finally upgraded it to Kodi 18. As well as all other LE machines on the network (PI 2, PI 3). I did a fresh install on all machines to get rid of any old skin and addon residue. Before I did this I did a LE Backup of my original setup. I think this was 8.2.5.

    The issue is that LE 9.01 doesn't seem to work with my Hauppauge 930c DVB-T. I tried all different LE Module Drivers using the official addon without any success.

    I reinstalled older version and restored my original 8.2.5 backup. The Hauppauge 930c DVB-T card, muxes services etc all work fine. All clients on the network pickup channels OK.

    It just won't work with the latest LE 9.01. Funnily enough I posted the exact same issue few years back when I upgraded to 8.01 and was pointed in the right direction.

    I suspect the USB tuner card is pretty uncommon and DVB-T even more so.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  • I think with LibreELEC 9.x that the dvb (TV Capture card) drivers are available as an add-on.

    Perhaps you might try searching though the add-ons for Hauppauge drivers.

    EDIT: Just did some more searching and found this link that might contain some useful tips: Hauppauge 955Q Tuner

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  • Thanks for that... I checked that link and I have already tried all those steps. Including choosing all 4 available options in "LibreELEC module Drivers". With a reboot in between.

    I have also just noticed some video stutter in normal playback with exact same symptoms as this.

    So I suspect its issues with latest builds that will probably get ironed out in due course. I might revert back to 8.2.5 as this was working flawlessly with playback, audio, tv tuner etc etc. For a year+ with no maintenance at all.