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    I have NUC and have the exact same issue. I tried some of the fixes mentioned earlier in this thread and it seemed to have worked on original video I was doing tests on. Tried a few other video files and noticed that it is still a bit hot and miss. Reverted back to 8.2.5 using LE backup and no stutter. Even in shots where there is a huge pan. That's usually when you notice clear stutter. No stutter in 8.2.5 with panning shots that I can notice.

    Probably just one of those things that gets ironed out with later releases.

    Thanks for that... I checked that link and I have already tried all those steps. Including choosing all 4 available options in "LibreELEC module Drivers". With a reboot in between.

    I have also just noticed some video stutter in normal playback with exact same symptoms as this.

    So I suspect its issues with latest builds that will probably get ironed out in due course. I might revert back to 8.2.5 as this was working flawlessly with playback, audio, tv tuner etc etc. For a year+ with no maintenance at all.

    I have a small issue with comparability of Hauppauge 930c USB tuner with the latest version of LibreELEC 9.01.

    I have a NUC and finally upgraded it to Kodi 18. As well as all other LE machines on the network (PI 2, PI 3). I did a fresh install on all machines to get rid of any old skin and addon residue. Before I did this I did a LE Backup of my original setup. I think this was 8.2.5.

    The issue is that LE 9.01 doesn't seem to work with my Hauppauge 930c DVB-T. I tried all different LE Module Drivers using the official addon without any success.

    I reinstalled older version and restored my original 8.2.5 backup. The Hauppauge 930c DVB-T card, muxes services etc all work fine. All clients on the network pickup channels OK.

    It just won't work with the latest LE 9.01. Funnily enough I posted the exact same issue few years back when I upgraded to 8.01 and was pointed in the right direction.

    I suspect the USB tuner card is pretty uncommon and DVB-T even more so.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for that... Those commands didn't seem to change the muxes or the adaptor. However, updating using LE8 Image without media-build as recommended by smp did work. Amazing... back in business.

    I don't know how many other people have this card as there was limited info through forums here and elsewhere. I can provide another dmesg if that is useful for future releases.

    All service, muxes and networks are working correctly now.

    I have spent many many hours fiddling about with various versions of LibreElec and trying getting my tuner card to work. Since upgrading to 8.0, or 8.01, 8.02 or the beta 8.1.12 etc I can’t get my tuner card to work 100%.

    I have tried all version of LibreElec 8, including fresh installs every time to eliminate any other variables. In versions 8.0, 8.01, 8.02 the adaptor does not appear in TV Adaptor configuration in Tvheadend. In version 8.1 and 8.1.2 (latest beta), the adaptor appears, but none of the muxes work. Scanning just fails.

    I have a NUC and a Hauppauge 930c USB tuner.

    I am based in NZ and use DVB-T. I have tried manual setting for networks and muxes as well as present ones available for New Zealand.

    The card worked flawlessly with both LibreElec (and OpenElec) versions of 7ish.

    The curious thing is that after many hours of research I have stumbled across a few posts online that claim that the 930c (2040:B131 ) is not supported in Linux / LibreElec. However that doesn’t explain how it worked flawlessly and on first attempt when I initially bought it and installed it in LibreElec 7ish with Kodi Jarvis.

    I have limited Linux SSH knowhow… Logic would say that this is simply a driver / firmware issue.

    Thought I would post before I finally give up and kick the Hauppauge 930c to the curb and buy another. We have limited options for USB tuners cards in NZ. Possibly due to the tv network and subsequent compatibility. The only one I have been able to find that is available at the time of writing is an avermedia A867.