Million Dollar question

  • Ok, guys I got my income tax refund back and would like to get a new fast media box. I currently have an rasp3 as my client but would like to get an android that has the capability to stream netflex, amazon and can duel boot the libreelec OS. I also have the firetv but it has mpeg2 deinterlace problems that I cannot resolve with my tuner card. Does anyone have recommendations on such devices and where are they sold at? I have read about a dual boot android system, but I am unsure as which ones are good units compared to knock offs. I would like something fast and has a lot of memory that will help with buffering and could correct the mpeg2 deinterlace ghosting.

    Thoughts, ideas please?



  • Unfortunately there is no simple answer, it all depends on your precise requirements (x265, 4K USB3 etc), and of course $$$.

    There are many threads asking the same question - you just need to search for them.

    As to dual booting. LE (AFIAK) should be able to play Netflix and Amazon prime, so there should be no need to dual boot,

    From previous threads an Intel Nuc or the OSMC Vero seem to be the devices to look at.

  • I currently use a custom Intel i3 based system after my humble Rasp Pi (A,B+) beginnings. Cost is probably the deciding factor for most folk. Lots of very excellent choices around today and a simple search as mentioned for HTPC might help. There's also some great info on building your own system if you're up for that. All depends on your budget and level of interest in assembling. Lots of help here either way ya go. Good hunting. :)