SSL Web Server support

  • Is any chance for SSL Web Server support for Raspberry Pi 3 and LibreELEC 9.0? According this page Kodi supports this feature.

  • File locations discussed on the Kodi wiki map to:



    I've no idea if anything else is needed.. but we haven't done anything to disable the feature.

  • According this commit I think that web server have to support MHD_FEATURE_SSL. Maybe libmicrohttpd version is too old. First version of libmicrohttpd which supports MHD_FEATURE_SSL is 0.9.35

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  • I found something in for libmicrohttpd in LibreELEC project:

    1. ...
    2. PKG_CONFIGURE_OPTS_TARGET="--disable-shared \
    3. --enable-static \
    4. --disable-curl \
    5. --disable-https \
    6. --with-libgcrypt-prefix=$SYSROOT_PREFIX/usr"
    7. ..

    Maybe --disable-https option is a reason