LibreElec 9.0.0 not playing Blu-ray ISO rips - green screens and artifacts

  • Hello

    I just updated my HTPC to LibreElec 9.0.0 / Kodi V18 Leia and now when I play Blu-ray ISO rips I get green screening and artifacts.

    Motherboard - Intel DH67CF
    CPU – Intel 2nd Generation Core i3-2100

    i never had this problem on LibreElec 8.2.5 / Kodi V17.6 Krypton.

    The HTPC is connected to a Denon AVR-1513.

    I have VAAPI Hardware Acceleration turned on for all types and Audio passthrough turned on for all types etc.

    Attached screen shot is the start of Blade Runner with the cityscape and flaming towers.

    Also DVD Video_TS rips stopped playing properly in LibreElec 9.0.0, I had a lot of motion judder / slowness, lip sync way way out, video skipping of its own accord etc.

    I changed the following video playback setting and now the DVD VIDEO_TS rips seem to be playing better.

    Video Scaling Method - I changed from Lanczos3 - Optimised to be Bilinear.

    The Deinterlace method is set to VAAPI - Bob.


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  • In the Kodi Player -> Videos settings if I completely turn off VAAPI Hardware Acceleration for all types and play the Blade Runner Blu-ray ISO rip again, it now plays OK and the green screen and artifacts have gone.

    So what's changed between the two versions of LibreELEC / Kodi to break hardware acceleration of Blu-ray ISOs ?

    I then went back in to Player -> Videos settings and turned back on VAAPI Hardware Acceleration. I then just turned off VC-1 VAAPI only and played the movie again. And it is playing OK. Pressing guide on the remote brings up some information.

    Video decoder: ff-vc1 (SW) so its now only software decoding.

    Pixel Format: yuv420p

    Deinterlace method: unknown


  • Sure are there any instructions how to do that?

    If I turn on Debug logging in Kodi there is now a new thing for specific component logging, Assume I would select Video Component. Or would you want a full debug log?


  • I've got two Intel based HTPCs and they both have issues with Blu-ray ISO rips and VC-1 VAAPI Hardware acceleration being turned on.

    I have another older AMD based HTPC and that plays the same Blu-ray rip perfectly fine with VC-1 VAAPI Hardware acceleration turned on.

    So seems to be a issue with the Intel video driver in Linux / LibreElec at a guess ?

  • OK here is a Video Component Debug log with VC-1 VAAPI turned on and playing the Blade Runner Blu-ray ISO disk image.


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  • Strange I just tried playing another Blu-ray ISO rip "Avatar" and that one seems to be playing OK with VC-1 VAAPI turned on and hardware acceleration.

    I then played Close Encounters of the Third Kind and that plays OK as well, as does I,Robot and Independence Day

    So the green screen / artifacts issue seems to not affect all Blu-ray ISO rips for some reason.

    Dark City, Children of Men and Inception are the same as Blade Runner however with green screen / artifacts

  • Sorry, we can´t give any kind of support in that case as long as you have all those banned add-ons and repositories installed.

    Please remove all banned repos and also the add-ons from there. then try to reproduce your issue and if it still exists, please provide a new clean logfile which shows the explained behaviour.


    Also counts for this forum.


  • That doesn't affect the reported playback issue of local Blu-ray ISO rips.

    Guess I'll have to run up a clean Live USB OS of LibreElec but the results will be the same.

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