Please add rsync to sshd's path

  • I use rsync frequently to send files to libreelec boxes.

    The problem is rsync is installed to:


    So I always have to run rsync from the client with this parameter:


    It's ugly and painful.

    I know I can also change /storage/.cache/services/sshd.conf to configure sshd to allow overriding the PATH environment variable, then setting it in the client, but this is also ugly and painful.

    So I propose 2 possible solutions:

    1. include rsync in LibreELEC proper (instead of an addon), put it in /usr/bin.

    2. symbolic link: /usr/bin/rsync -> /storage/.kodi/addons/

  • Can't you put/set in the file, so it is set with every (re)boot?

    A symbolic link or whatever?

    You didn't understand. LibreELEC is the server. I have to run rsync with those parameters on the client because the server doesn't have rsync in the standard PATH environment.

  • This is still very relevant.
    I often sync files from one Pi to another over multiple hops. Rsync is the obvious choice here and it is a widely used tool.

    But the time between syncs is often just long enough that I have to look up the path again.

    I would welcome its addition to the image very much.

  • Thank you very much for merging this and of course also thanks to Millhouse who came up with the solution!