Remotes that work easily with LibreElec/Kodi

  • Hey guys... just got a Beelink GT1 Ultimate, looking for some remote advice.

    Right now I have an old PC and I installed an internal FLiRC chip which I programmed in windows with my Sony universal iR remote. In Kodi, it works perfectly, I can use the TV power button for the TV, Aux Power turns on the HTPC, and volume controls the soundbar.

    Switching to an Android box, I'll be losing all that, and the remote that came with the Beelink, has nice feeling buttons but, it's easily half the size of the Sony, and in my dry hands, very slippery.

    Before I start ripping my hare out trying to make the Sony work... is it easy to setup? I don't know anything about Linux, and no idea how to even get into the files for editing.

    Failing that, I was looking at remotes on under $30CAD... are there any that work out of the box and have iR that I can program to control the TV and Soundbar volume?

    Really trying to avoid needing 2 remotes, especially if the 2nd remote is used for power on/off only... bit annoying to have a 2nd remote for 1 function.


  • Sounds like a textbook case for another FLIRC device to me?

    The only bit that might/will be different is power-on, but if the Beelink box supports IR wake and the Sony remote can learn that, should be okay.

  • I've gone through quite a few different remotes until I found this one. While this one does not run on IR, I find that it works the best for Kodi and is built better than a lot of the clones of it out there. A tad more than your $30 limit but I thin kit's worth it. Rechargeable battery (that last a really long time, months) and back-lit keyboard.

    I know it doesn't tick all your boxes but....