libreelec 9.0 on raspberry pi model 3a+ issues

  • I am having issues with the raspberry pi model 3 A+ . I am using the official lcd screen (with rotate script lcd_rotate=2 in config.txt). When I try to make a selection it will randomly go back to the root folder never able getting to the file for example music- artist folder- music.mp3 when i first select music sometimes it wont register (ok button grayed out)&(touch screen or keyboard ) but eventually it does but when i try to select the sub folder 'artist folder' it will kick back to the root of the install from zip menu . this also happens sometime in the repositories section but always happens in the install from zip file section .

  • Pi 3+ B with LibreElec Leia,

    Rotate LCD display for the the 7" ( Raspberry plastic-cased Pi LCD display:

    I took the card out of the Pi and used my laptop text editor (Apple Pro) that I used to flash the SSD to modify /System/config.txt (not RTF!) and added:


    near the top of the file. Worked great! Pointing was translated from my mouse to correctly as a bonus.

    IF THIS DOES NOT WORK! Make sure using the "ls -l" command the owner, group, and RWEX permissions are identical before and after changing the config.txt file as they were before! The Libre expects the user and group names, and associated file permissions to be a particular user and permission to be read correctly and executed!

    Prof. Bill :)

  • Rotate LCD display for the the 7" ( Raspberry plastic-cased Pi LCD display:

    One more advertisement of your 7" LCD display, and you can enjoy some away time from this forum.

    Reacting to a 10 month old topic with an identical reply as your previous one will get you noticed.