install libreelec vu+

  • I now use vu + with the black hole image, but just like this openspa and openvix. Is there a version of LibreELEC for vu +?

  • I would love that and had already tried on my Vu+ 4k SE DVB-C. A real up2date Kodi and 8 tuners for tvh on LE, that would be really nice.

    So No there is no LE for Vu+ as far as I know.

  • What are you asking for? (use more words)


    It's using the Broadcom Chipset, and the Enigma2 OS is running.

    I say impossible, but some images offer KODI embedded.

    However, there is a possibility that the Vu + -Solo-4K can be modeled because its chipset is AARCH64 ARM compliant.

    Best regards...

  • I found the VU+ git repo with some OpenEmbedded recipes. I stopped looking when I saw "3.14.28" kernel being used. It's probably possible to make an LE image for that hardware but "backwards" is never a good technical direction.

    So, definitely not supported.