Support for rtl8812bu WIFI USB dongle

  • Dear Libreelec developers!

    First of all, thank you for the magnificent piece of software. :)

    I'm using Libreelec v8.95.3 beta, generic version (x86_64 on Intel) and I was wondering if it is possible to add support for rtl8812bu? I have a USB dongle exactly as mentioned here and it seems like a support for it has been recently added to rtl8822bu chipset driver for Linux.

    Alternatively, can you please provide me with a driver that I can use with Libreelec?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • RTL8822BU has no in-kernel driver so we aren't going to add it and our distro packaging prevents you from installing it yourself. We are not interested to add ever-more out of tree low-quality realtek drivers to our images. We will sustain the current selection until LE 10.0 then changes we are planning will see only in-kernel drivers supported.

  • This may be useful.


    This new trl8822bu driver is in active development and working for Rpi because it's using kernel 4.19. The driver is compatible with 4.7 up to 5.0 at this time. This driver won't for the AML based LE systems on 3.16.