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    Hi All,

    First time post for LibreElec. I have needed a faster wifi connection so I bought cheap ac1200 Edimax EW-7822ULC usb dongle. I did some digging around and found the following driver which works perfect for RPi3 (RPi2 arm) on using kernel 4.19: GitHub - EntropicEffect/rtl8822bu: RTL8822BU Wireless Driver for Linux

    See attachment for I put in linux-drivers build directory


    I use ArchLinux currently at 4.20 kernel, glibc 2.28, and gcc 8.2.1 which makes an excellent build environment. The only thing that hindered me initially was the lzop and rpcsvc-proto packages needed to be installed to get through the build (in addition to standard build packages)

    I had a hard time discovering how to build this ROM with the extra module as it's not in the Build wiki. For those who are stuck like me recently:

    1) Use an existing in the ROM source code as a template in a category close to what you are adding

    2) Change PKG_NAME, PKG_VERSION, and PKG_SHA256 from a specific commit number in git to get the proper .tar.gz downloaded

    3) Folder containing must have name which is identical to PKG_NAME

    4) Edit / (/ in my case) to include extra package:




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