What is the status of Wayland support in 9/10 on x86 and ARM?

  • So ... I just read that X11/Xorg will be removed in LibreELEC 10, which means that it will kill browser support, i.e. the Chrome/Chromium plugin which is available on x86.

    Firefox is now available with Wayland support. Is it possible to switch to Wayland?

    Or is Wayland now basically as abadoned as X11? I.e. not supported or even not and never working if you tried to make your own LibreELEC build?

  • Kodi supports Wayland as the long-term successor to X11 (a successful Kodi GSOC project from 2017) and there are several desktop oriented distro's that support Wayland and people who actively tinker with that combo. LE has no need or plan to use Wayland though. Maybe the lack of browser in Kodi (e.g. via CEF) will be resolved.. nobody knows.