Un-US Keyboard Layout does not work with full characters


    This post is NOT for OTHER, ONLY for LibreELEC Team PROFESSIONAL!!!

    (Not FOR DONOR (Jocke.Sve), NOT for BEGINNER and other!!!)

    HW: Raspberry Pi 2B, 3B; Odroid C2. (For example used AMD/Intel PC's.)

    SW: System LibreELEC 8.2.5 (with Kodi 17.6)

    Add HW Keyboard wireless and/other wire full 105 key Keyboard:

    Logitech K120 CZ/SK, Logitech K400 Plus CZ, Rapoo E9070,

    HP Classic Wired Keyboard CZ...


    System Raspbian Stretch with desktop (v. March 2018) on HW (present RPi 2b, 3b, Odroid c2) make input text from keyboard

    with US Layoutand (switched) CZECH LAYOUT with FULL FEATURES National Characters (Key)!!!!!

    Media center Kodi 17.6 on other system (example desktop Linux, Windows) make input

    text from keyboard with CZECH LAYOUT with FULL FEATURES National Characters (Key)!!!!!


    System LibreELEC 8.2.5 (with Kodi 17.6) with selection the correct layout CZECH

    (select national key in Setup LibreELEC and Kodi) NO PROCESSED THESE CHARACTERS!

    Question together with RPi: Why Raspbian YES? Why LibreELEC NOT???

    I DEMAND to REPAIR (ADD) in the NEXT version 9.0.XX

    Please, no answers from not-team-LibreELEC and not-programmers. Thanks!

  • This has to be one of the rudest requests for help that I have ever seen. I realise that your first language is not English, but you clearly have little understanding of how software such as Kodi, LibreELEC and others are developed by people who do things voluntarily and because they want to do them, not because of demands such as this.

    You might wish to consider editing your post. Less shouting and more consideration for the work that is done may actually encourage someone to help. As you have written your request at the moment, I do not expect any developer to reply.

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    DEMAND to REPAIR (ADD) in the NEXT version 9.0.XX

    Gee, which universe are you coming from? Or did you simply forgot to take your ADHD medicines today?

    Tell us, why should we even start paying attention to someone that is obviously delusional about the way that LibreELEC creates and supports its product?

    Even if your "bug report" concerns a valid problem, the way in which you are presenting your case is nothing less than total obnoxious talk coming from someone that lacks any form of empathy with our LibreELEC software and its users. Also insulting other people on this forum will not get you popularity points. Personally, I would kick your sorry ass right away off this forum. But LibreELEC is a team, so we'll have a vote on it later on.

    Simply put: you are in no position to demand ANYTHING from us or other forum visitors. I suggest you really tone down your unacceptable attitude, or your stay at this forum will be an extremely short one.