Kodi offers phantom updates from repos which have been removed

  • Kodi has started offering updates which do not exist in any installed repo. Removing the add-on and reinstalling it does not resolve the issue. I have previously encountered this on Kodi 17, and it still happens on Kodi 18 release candidates. I do not understand the mechanism which Kodi uses to build the 'Available Updates' list, but it seems like some kind of sanity check is needed here to verify that updates are actually available in some installed repo before offering them to the user.

    1. Until this bug is fixed, can someone explain how to manually purge the update catalogue and force it to refresh ?

    2. Why does it say "Repository: Unknown" for practically every add-on? Is this a bug, or an incomplete feature that is still in development ?

  • without further investigation its hard to say and probably best asked over on Kodi's site, but as far as the xbmc reference a lot of the current kodi building setup still refers to xbmc and not kode persay... usually in the build structure if they start disseminating between the terms xbmc is the call while its usually a link pointing to the kodi directory. so its maybe posible for some reason the softlink was removed someplace leaving you pointing to a xbmc reference that goes nowhere. the vacant repository unknown messages would lead me to think its something along them lines.

    but as suggested its probably to ask over there as i could be off base