8.95.002 on Intel NUC Kit NUC7PJYH Pentium J5005

  • Hi,

    unfortunately I have report 2 different bugs. I Also tried earlier 9.0 RC releases but the problems always are the same (I cannot use any older releases because the video chip wasn't supported earlier:

    The first one, I don't know how to get log of.

    After I put the NUC into standby it wakes up eg. by IR remote or power button, but the screen doesn't come back and it hangs afterwards.

    Switch off and do a cold boot is the only thing I can do to get it back to life.

    The second one is the Wake on Lan function.

    When I activate wake severs in the power saving settings, the NUC crashes on reboot or cold start and then start to safe mode.

    I see that Kodi crashes with a segmentation fault in this LOG

    The hardware is a the avove specified NUC without any additional hardware apart from a Samsung SSD and some RAM.

    I hope this enough information for you.



  • Additional information:

    Using the WOL Addon works btw.

    I just can't use it, because starting Kodi needs my centralized mysql database which is on the server I try to wake.

  • I'm not sure how or with what you edited your advancedsettings.xml file, but it seems to contain a lot of [email protected] Possible you've been using the same AS.xml file for years since XBMC...?

    I think you can also remove the <gui> section, better yet don't use the AS.xml file at all. First Kodi needs to run, all the bells and whistles come later.

  • Yes I have been using that AS file but the only thing that is still active are the database entries.

    Kodi is running just fine as long as I don't use the wake server option. Unfortunately I need to wake the server during startup to get Kodi running unless I am missing something.

    I removed the commented lines anyway.

    Do you want a new log for this or does the one I provided suffice?