File Hosting Sites

  • Been looking around for options to upload, store, download file sites....

    looking for info and experience with sites like Rapid Gator, File Factory, or other public sites... these have options that seems like govern file xfer speed, parallel upload/download, xfer size......

    Minix U1 with A2-Lite

  • There are many sites available - it all depends on what you intend to upload, how much (Gbytes) and how you intend to use it.

    If you want to upload movies - then you could run into copyright issues - even if it's legit.

    If it's just for file system stuff then Gdrive, Mega, Onedrive or dropbox are fine.

  • lots of g-bytes in total... I'm kinda thinking of moving my audio library, digitized collection form many years, that is today scattered over several external hdd's, flash drives, ipods, and current laptop... for a central organized location more easily accessible.

    Minix U1 with A2-Lite

  • If you want to be able to access it via LE then you need to look at what addons are available. I know pcloud, Gdrive, Onedrive and dropbox are available. However, you're going to have to pay a monthly fee for any sensible storage space (~$100py for 1TB).

    You could look at Amazon AWS which will only charge for what you use but it's difficult to work out what the costs will be and I'm not too sure if you can access it via LE.

    Personally I would spend the money on x2 4TB HDD and keep one off site and synchronize weekly/monthly

  • Get a Synology NAS for local storage and use one of the integrated backup services which has inexpensive and generous storage. Online backup only gets expensive once you want direct real-time access to the data (e.g. for streaming). If online is just an archive store things are a lot cheaper.