Libreelec PC resume issues

  • Hello;

    I want to use my laptop as a libreelec hdmi to my tv, with the lid closed.

    The problem is resume is not working from my usb remote.

    And also when I resume from the keyboard it comes back on with no wifi connection.

    I have tried a bunch to get it working, but nothing affects it.

    Anybody know how to resolve these two issues?

  • unfortunately there are very few bios settings, and none pertaining to sleep/wake or lid.

    I am going to verify if it works with windows 10.

  • Actually found out this ain't gonna happen with my Acer laptop. They will not wake from sleep with the lid closed at all.

    And it would still not wake from sleep with the lid open from usb. Even after I updated the bios also.

    Oh we

  • I have removed the laptop from duty.

    I now have an Lenovo thinkcenter in it's place, yet I am still unable to resume from sleep.

    If I have a keyboard plugged in it resumes on any key. However rom my main remote (which has a keyboard on the back) none of the keys will wake the PC.

    Is there something in Libreelec that could be blocking the remote? Shouldn't the PC see it as a keyboard/mouse just like normal. I can use the remote inside the bios so I think this must somehow be libreelec.

  • Two requirements:

    a) The remote presents itself as a USB keyboard

    b) The USB port it's connected to remains powered during whatever S3/S4 state the laptop enters

    If neither of the above are true, the "keyboard" won't be able to wake the hardware. The alternative is the laptop has IR hardware that's designed to support remote wake events, but that's unlikely.

  • Well I guess the remote is not presenting itself like a keyboard then, because nothing will work. And a regular keyboard plugged into the same usb wakes it on any key.

    I'm uncertain how the remote works as a keyboard in the bios yet doesn't wake the pc...

    I thought this was an easy thing to get going but I am finding out that even simple sleep/wake can be difficult.