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    Any joy with sabnzb or nzbget using Thoradia in LE10 with sonarr or radarr ?or are these the downloaders that don't work?

    I eventually bit the bullet and figured out docker. Once you get the hang of it all it's fairly straight forward.

    Really hoping thoradia will be back for LE10, main repo for me too.

    I found the downloaders don't work, but sonarr, radarr, jacket seem to work well. I've been experimenting more with docker lately. I sure miss thoradia too. Docker is just another layer of needless complication.

    I did end up throwing together an addon. But I have very little understanding of what I am doing. I have since went a different route and am now running xteve on windows.

    No warranty is offered but I think it works.

    I just reinstalled with LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.80-nightly-20201002-0bfa8aa.img and tried to install bazarr again but still nothing at port 6767.

    Is anybody able to get Bazarr working because I would be surprised since this is a fresh install and it just doesn't work at all.

    Make sure that you use the latest revision of the add-on with the latest version of the nightly

    I just reinstalled with LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-9.80-nightly-20201002-0bfa8aa.img and tried to install bazarr again but still nothing at port 6767.

    Not all add-ons log to system.d

    Bazarr does not

    Try connecting to port 6767 of your system with a browser

    If you need further help then provide more information: LibreELEC release and add-on version

    I was checking the within it's log folder in userdata. It's nightly generic, with the latest plugin. I don't have access to the machine currently to give exact versions. I did try to view the webui on port 6767 but nothing would load. It's strange because I am also successfully running your sonarr, radarr & deluge.


    I am trying to get bazarr working but I don't think it's even starting up after install since there is no log file created. Even disabling and reenabling doesn't seem to fix it.

    I just tried this script and seemed to manage to update emby to by choosing stable.

    It's working and is running upon restart.

    However I would like to update to the latest beta version. Is there an update to this script available?



    I just editted the script and changed to and reran the script. I'm not even sure I needed to edit it, once I ran "emby-update" it just worked. It's now running the latest beta and it runs even after a restart. This is too cool as I really do not like docker.

    I somehow managed to get Xteve running but it would be really nice to see an addon for it. Makes managing multiple xmltv sources very easy for integration with the tvheadend addon.




    Is there going to be an update to the emby server addon? There's two available now, one doesn't work and the other is old and asks to update.

    It would be awesome to see a new version.



    I notice the plugins are missing from deluge. I had previously used the blacklist plugin but there's nothing listed there now.


    EDIT: NVM they suddenly show now.

    ok guys since my devices have updates mixed up as i flashed custom bootloaders on them i will try to revert to oem amlogic bootloader that all of you have and try again to produce working images for all people :)

    Sorry for the mess i caused for some of you.

    Will take a while though, do you want the released images removed in the mean time? Let me know.

    I have been trying to flash bootloaders to get you latest s82 image to boot but still no success. I flashed the boot loader from this thread: [ROM] Unofficial OpenELEC for MXIII-G & Tronsmart MXIII+ - FreakTab

    I could not find any other bootloaders to flash. I tried flashing the latest firmware from here: MXIII Plus Android TV Box Firmwares -

    But that just says error wrong device.

    If there is a bootloader I should flash I sure would appreciate some guidance, as I have been searching and flashing for a long time trying to figure it out.