LibreELEC on Cortex-A17 Android Box

  • Hi all,

    I bought myself a Openhour Chameleon a while ago.
    It runs on Android with SPMC installed.

    Works pretty well i must say BUT!

    I want to play with the new Krypton release from Kodi and i also want to install LibreELEC to play with it.
    DO you guys and girls know how i can manage just that?

    I dont care abut what happend with the android OS because i dont use it anywy.

    ChipsetRockchip RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad Core

    Thanks for your help!

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    Kodi has no Linux support for Rockchip so LE is not available. There was an OE fork with tentative support at some point but it was a one-man effort that died when Kodi refused the patches for code quality reasons.

  • Ah too bad, now im relying on SPMC to upgrade to Krypton some time in the future.

    I guess the only option for me is to install Kodi with an APK on my Android box.

    Thankss anyway guys