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    Hi all,

    I bought myself a Openhour Chameleon a while ago.
    It runs on Android with SPMC installed.

    Works pretty well i must say BUT!

    I want to play with the new Krypton release from Kodi and i also want to install LibreELEC to play with it.
    DO you guys and girls know how i can manage just that?

    I dont care abut what happend with the android OS because i dont use it anywy.

    ChipsetRockchip RK3288 Cortex-A17 Quad Core

    Thanks for your help!

    [font="Arial, sans-serif"]Good afternoon,[/font]

    [font="Arial, sans-serif"]i installed LibreELEC on my usb thumbdrive.[/font]
    [font="Arial, sans-serif"]In my old laptop (HP) the usb boots and LibreELEC starts without any problems.[/font]

    [font="Arial, sans-serif"]In my pc i cannot get past the first line (linux etc etc). Please see the attachment.[/font]
    [font="Arial, sans-serif"]PS: i copied this attachment from a youtube video. It is the simular message i see on my pc accept the copyright dates are different).[/font]

    [font="Arial, sans-serif"]This is my config:[/font]
    [font="Arial, sans-serif"][font="Arial, sans-serif"]CPU: AMD E1-1200[/font]

    Graphics: Radeon HD7310

    I have my pc connected to my tv with HDMI.
    Tried 3 thumbdrives, tried all usb ports. Alle thumbdrives work without any problems on my old laptop.

    Any ideas?

    Hi Deezel,

    for this you need 2 usb sticks.
    On the slowest you put on LibreELEC and boot from it.

    When it has booted you can choose to install LibreELEC on the second usb stick if it is plugged in.

    Hi David,

    thanks for this really quick reply.

    i have the following hardware.

    64 bit Amd e1 1200 processer
    amd HD 7310 raedon card.

    My worry is that LibreELEC does not recognize the HDMI port for sound and vision (not bowie).
    In WIndows 7 it costed me a day to find the right driver to make the HDMI sound work ;)

    Is there somwhere i can see if my hardware is supported?

    Really like this project btw

    Good morning,

    my name is Richard from the Netherlands and i have a request.

    I have an old PC with HDMI output wich i want to be able to use as a htpc.
    THe thing is that i want it to be as liight as possible so the mediacenter software can use all resources.

    I am searching for a good manual on how i can make LibreELEC the primary OS that my PC can boot from.

    The perfect thing would be to have it dualboot with windows 7.

    Offcourse i have searched google for a good manual but they are all about OPENELEC and it seems there is no easy way to do it.

    Is there anyone who could help me out?