Intel true 10bits/HEVC/HDR support... ?

  • Just to be sure... I'd like to get a intel nuc 10i3. Latest builds on work and gives HDR10 output?


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  • No.

    So in KODI 18 BETA 1 announcement



    • Software decoding of AV1;subtitle improvements with new dark grey colour and selectable opacity; ability to provide a subtitle URI (URL, local file, etc.); static HDR10 and dynamic Dolby Vision HDR support (platform- and client-dependent).

    Linux platform is not included, yet? Right?

    Very sad.

    EDIT: I just read full the thread and I figured that the matter is the linux driver of the LSPCON that is not full available on linux. I assume that by using Windows and full drivers it should work.

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  • I assume that by using Windows and full drivers it should work.

    I suppose it will work in Windows.

    Regarding Linux - it's not yet clear when HDR will work on LSPCON.

    Buy something that have native HDMI 2.0 e.g. Intel Gemini Lake or Tiger Lake. The new Tiger Lake SoCs look very promising for HTPC usage.

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  • I must say this is like a dream come true for me . I can confirm this build work for me on my NUC7PJYH with ny LG OLED C8 55 inch and now i have HDR and 7.1 . No more need to get a Nvidia Shield . Thank you very much to making this true. But i have a question how do i get my vfs unrar back? Who made this build i want test more if needed ?

    I have the same nuc as you, could you give me the link of the image I try it? the one above doesn't work anymore, it says 404 error

    thank you very much

  • You can use the image from post #258.

    Thank you very much!

    So, on the NUC7PJYH the HDR works but I have problems with DTS-HD audio (sometimes I hear some annoying clicks from the speakers and I must be honest, they also scared me) while unfortunately on the other NUC NUC10i7FNH the HDR does not work.

  • PlatypusW



    I compiled a build with new LSPCON patches and new Kodi drmprime stuff from lrusak's branch. Maybe worth a try.…71518-1e75df4.img.gz?dl=1

    I got rid of my NUC8i3 and now rocking a gemini lake ODROID so can't test the LSPCON patches for you. My dad has the NUC8i3 at his place but I can't easily access it till i'm over there.

    PlatypusW .. any luck with it?

    smp this build is based off kodi v19 beta1?

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  • Cool. I should then update my ODROID to see how Beta1 is stacking up and finally figure out the new extra artwork mechanics.

    Downloading now. Thx bud. My dad just got a new TV that has his NUC hooked up to it but I won't be there to help him with the software for at least a few weeks. When he told me he bought it a was gonna convert his box to windows but MAYBE we can go with this.

  • Hello

    I would like to ask you really a great courtesy, since on nuc NUC10i7FNH I installed ubuntu 20.10 where it is used as a small home server and as htpc with kodi (installed with pppa and fritsch guide) I would like to try to compile the version you do with LibreElec;

    Here the courtesy would be this (if you have time obviously even if you want to share) could you make a mini guide to compile kodi/kernel so you can apply it to my nuc with ubuntu?

    I would be infinitely grateful!

    Otherwise thanks anyway