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    Excuse me if I'm self quote but I don't think smp read my post.

    thanks :)


    I would like to ask you really a great courtesy, since on nuc NUC10i7FNH I installed ubuntu 20.10 where it is used as a small home server and as htpc with kodi (installed with pppa and fritsch guide) I would like to try to compile the version you do with LibreElec;

    Here the courtesy would be this (if you have time obviously even if you want to share) could you make a mini guide to compile kodi/kernel so you can apply it to my nuc with ubuntu?

    I would be infinitely grateful!

    Otherwise thanks anyway

    You can use the image from post #258.

    Thank you very much!

    So, on the NUC7PJYH the HDR works but I have problems with DTS-HD audio (sometimes I hear some annoying clicks from the speakers and I must be honest, they also scared me) while unfortunately on the other NUC NUC10i7FNH the HDR does not work.

    I must say this is like a dream come true for me . I can confirm this build work for me on my NUC7PJYH with ny LG OLED C8 55 inch and now i have HDR and 7.1 . No more need to get a Nvidia Shield . Thank you very much to making this true. But i have a question how do i get my vfs unrar back? Who made this build i want test more if needed ?

    I have the same nuc as you, could you give me the link of the image I try it? the one above doesn't work anymore, it says 404 error

    thank you very much

    Yes, if you know how to self-compile Kodi .. but if you knew how to self-compile Kodi you wouldn't be asking the question :)

    Once HDR support is fully baked (right now it is far from) nightlies for Ubuntu will be available from the official Ubuntu PPA.


    I thank you for the answer, I have no problems to compile by hand is just that I've been out of the loop for quite a while and now I finally see that Kodi has almost reached the support for HDR.

    If you can give me some private information I would thank you very much...


    I compiled a build with working HDR from Kwiboo 's work-in-progress branch. Tested on a Gemini Lake J4105 and Samsung 4K TV. In order for HDR to work go to Settings-->Player and enable "Allow hardware acceleration - PRIME".


    I know I'm not on the subject of this thread and I apologize, but...

    can I ask you the courtesy to tell me if I can apply the patches (and how) for kodi running in linux without librelec?

    I already have a small server (nuc J5005) with ubuntu server 19.10 installed and I would like to install the kodi version with hdr

    thanks for your help