WAN access impossible via SSH using public key from windows, and Linux, but not from Android.

  • Hello,

    I can connect with SSH without password, using keys generated with Putty, when I do it within my LAN or using, also within my LAN, an address provided by no-ip. The strange thing is that when I try to SSH connect from outside, I cannot do it in any way except by using an android phone, with Termius or any other app capable of managing keys. In this case I can connect perfectly, but when I use Putty, Bitwise, Filezilla or even Termius in Windows, with the same key-pair, of course, I never succeed. I also tried with Putty and Filezilla installed in a Lubuntu OS and no success, either.

    Has anyone had this problem and been able to solve it?



  • If you are using the same device to connect with I have no explanation. If you're using a different device, it's probably something related to the supported ciphers available to the client on that device.