tvheadend - Old recordings - How do I re-connect them?

  • Hi, I'm a complete idiot. So I installed an add-on yesterday when I was tired and clicked it through to a point where it installed over my existing LibreElec and I lost all my settings, etc. I've done a reset back to a clean LibreElec and am just re doing my channel list on the TV, but what I can't seem to do is re-instate all my TV Recordings.

    Couple of questions:

    1) I'm not overly familiar with libreElec/ Linux so I'm not quite sure how I get a command line so I can look through and find the location on the disk and check if they are all still there or if they have been overwritten too :( Any tips on how to do that would be really valued. Along with what are the default directories for tv recordings with tvheadend

    2) Assuming I can find the files, how do I connect that folder so it appears in 'recordings' on kodi? Is it best to just move them from their current folder to the new default or can you have multiple folders associated with that single view on Kodi?

    Really appreciate any tips!


  • I'm in to the file system and searching for the old files. Will google some linux commands. Would still love some advice on the second question though please.

  • You can change Tvheadend default recording path by login in its web interface, usually by interning your box ip:9981 in your web-browser i attached a picture below so you can change it easily.


  • thanks! I've realised the problem I have is that whilst I can ssh into kodi and poke around; e.g., I had to create the folder recordings in storage for the recording to work. However I can't connect to the other disks in the box this way and I've no idea what the address would be for each disk so I don't know how I get in to "see" them. Hence I can't see if all the old recordings are still around.

    I've accepted those might have gone now, which leaves me with one problem:

    I have information in my tvheadend client for the EPG, however I can't get that information to appear in the 'guide' on Kodi. It's driving me nuts and no matter what I google I can't seem to find a guide. I suspect I have to link the channels somehow, but I can't see where. Any thoughts?