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    Thank you CvH.

    Before I start messing around with the update, could I possibly just ask you one other quick question, please?

    At the moment, when I schedule a recording, I set it to record on any channel.

    I have set (under the stream tab), that HD streams should be preferred when available.

    However, I have noticed that most of my schedule recordings are on SD channels, even though many of them would be available on an HD channel.

    Is this to be expected or do you think I am doing something wrong?


    I have been having a number of recent issues with TVHeadend as of late:

    1. I receive my EPG date via the web (with the Schedules Direct interna, grabber). Every time I restart my server or implement an update, all the epg channels that do not exactly match the channels names are disassociated - i.e. so I have to manually match them up again.

    2. I have noticed a problem with the bouquet that I use - each morning, all the channels from a particular network are missing. They are there as services but have been unmapped as channels.

    If I force a network scan, they all suddenly reappear as mapped channels again.

    I was wondering whether TVHeadend 4.3 might sort some of these problems out - is it good enough for everyday use or is it still too buggy?


    I have a problem that perhaps you guys might be able to help with.

    I use the London Sky HD bouqet, on TVHeadend, to obtain all my channels and keep everything up-to-date.

    I then use the Schedules Direct internal grabber to obtain EPG data

    About 90% of the Sky channel names and the names used by SC are identical - this means that the EPG data automatically links with the correct channel.

    There is, however, an issue with the remaining 10% - e.g. if the channel is BBC One and the SC data is BBC1, the two will not link up.

    This is not initially a problem as I can manually change the EPG source for all the remaining channels.

    The problem starts, when I have to restart my server - all the manually assigned EPG sources are lost and I have to add them all back again.

    Could anyone perhaps suggest why this is happening and what I might do to solve it?

    I would definitely recommend the Odroid HC2.

    I swapped my big x86-based server for it, a year ago, and not regretted it all (though remember that you will be limited to just one hard drive).

    I use Openmediavault as the OS and run TVH from there.

    Hi there.

    At the moment, whenever I set a series record on TVH, it automatically sets to record every episode of that show (regardless of whether it has been recorded before).

    To stop duplicates, I have to then edit the timer so that it is changed from record everything to only record if the episode number is different to those recorded before.

    Is there any way to change this, so that only record different episode numbers is the default option?

    Unfortunately, it is an unmanaged switch - no web interface and no options of any kind.

    It is a shame as it is small and efficient and otherwise works well.

    I guess I either need to buy a replacement from another brand or risk sending the switch back to the manufacturers on the grounds that it is faulty.

    Have you ever come across a SAT>IP device (or indeed any device) simply not working with a particular model of switch?

    Thanks for that CvH - you helped me eliminate that as an issue.

    Accordingly, I tried plugging the R1 into my router, rather than my switch, with one of the Cat5e cables and it immediately worked.

    It seems, therefore, that my switch is to blame and is preventing the R1 from connecting to the network (unless a Cat6 cable is used):

    GS208 | Product | Support | NETGEAR

    Do you think the switch is faulty?

    I have not had any problems with it, up to now.


    Further to my earlier posts, I returned my original R1 and received a replacement.

    Unfortunately, the same things happens - it never connected to the network, despite my having tried about 15 cat5e network cables (varying from 10cms to 20m) and various ports on my router.

    The only thing that eventually worked was a very old (and 30m) cat6 cable.

    I find it really strange but does the R1 only work with Cat6?

    Hello CvH.

    Just one more query if that is OK.

    Thanks to your advice, I ordered a couple of Technotrends and they shall be with me shortly. As you said, they are cheaper, even taking into account shipping from Germany to the UK.

    As above, I am going to have five available tuners.

    As I want to connect one tuner to a rotor and the other four to a quad-LNB, what is the fewest coax leads I could do this with?

    Running five coax leads is not going to be the end of the world but is it worth considering unicable?

    For example, could I use one of these:


    with one of these:


    to feed three of the Technotrend tuners and the Hauppauge and then use a second cable to feed the rotor?

    I would be really grateful for some advice on picking some TV Tuners that will work with my setup.

    I need at least four DVB-S2 tuners with three of the tuners connected to a fixed dish, pointing at 28.2e.

    The fourth tuner needs to be connected to a single LNB, controlled by a USALS motor.

    I have established that TBS cards do not work well with Linux so have had to discount those.

    My only other options seem to be cards by either DVBSky or Digital Devices.

    Has anyone had any experience with either of these?